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Why Fissure Surgery?

Anal fissure surgery is the best method to treat the ailment. It reduces the chances of recurrence and can help you avoid further pain and complications due to the fissure. Book your fissure surgery through PharmEasy and avail of comprehensive pre and post-surgery support.

How PharmEasy honours your trust in us for surgery:

  • One day procedures to aid quick recovery
  • Latest laser equipment used for the performance of surgery
  • Procedures with minimal pain or no pain at all
  • Cuts and stitches are kept minimal
  • The surgical procedure will not leave a scar on your body
  • A very low recurrence rate of disease after surgery
  • Surgeons with over 7 years of experience
  • No bleeding or very little bleeding during surgery

Fissure Diagnosis and Treatment Options

A doctor will conduct a diagnosis before suggesting an appropriate fissure treatment. The diagnosis of the fissure is first conducted by the doctor through an external visual examination of the anus. The doctor may also recommend certain diagnostic tests like anoscopy, colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. All of these methods image the internal part of the anus or the intestines to determine the fissuring. All diagnostic tests are taken care of when you book your surgery with PharmEasy.

Here are some surgical options for the treatment of anal fissure:

  • Option 1 · Doctor Recommended

    Lateral Sphincterotomy

    Lateral sphincterotomy is the most recommended fissure surgery by doctors. The procedure is painless and is the least invasive fissure surgery procedure. The process involves making an incision in the sphincter muscle (i.e the anal muscle that helps with the passage of stool) with the use of a highly precise laser beam. This helps ease the tension on the fissure and allows the affected area to heal. The procedure is very simple and it helps eliminate the chances of recurrence.

  • Option 2

    Advancement Anal Flaps

    This anal fissure surgery is usually undertaken to cure cases of a chronic fissure. In this surgery, healthy tissue is taken from another part of the body and used to repair the damage caused by the fissure.

What is the meaning of fissure?

  • Anal Fissure Symptoms

    • Pain in the anus region Anal fissure causes a lot of pain in and around the anus which exaggerates while passing stools and is persistent even after it.

    • Painful bowel movement Experiencing painful bowel movements is an indicator of an anal fissure.

    • Passage of blood with stool If you notice bright red blood being passed along with the stool, it may be an indicator of a fissure.

    • Visible crack on the skin Fissure can cause a visible tear or crack in the skin near the region of the anus and the surrounding area.

    • Skin tag near the anus Skin tags are small outgrowths of the skin that can form as a result of anal fissure.

    • Burning sensation Burning sensation in the anal passage or the region surrounding the anus is also an indicator of a fissure.

    • Discharge from anus An anal fissure can lead to infection in the anus leading to the discharge of foul-smelling fluids.

  • Anal Fissure Causes

    • Chronic Constipation Chronic constipation can cause difficulties in the passage of stool since it causes the stool to harden. The passage of stool during constipation can cause tears in the inner lining of the anus leading to anal fissure.

    • Strained Bowel Movement Strained bowel movements can cause stress on the anus leading to cuts on the inner lining.

    • Prolonged Diarrhoea Prolonged diarrhoea causes strain on the anus which can lead to the development of fissure.

    • Anal Sex The performance of anal sex can cause stress on the anus and cause tears inside the anus.

    • Trauma Trauma on the anus due to surgery, insertion of foreign objects or accidental trauma can cause cuts in the inner lining of the anus.

    • Crohn’s Disease Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disease that causes irritable bowel. This leads to pressure on the anus resulting in fissure.

    • Sexually Transmitted Disease STD’s like gonorrhoea or HIV and AIDS can also lead to the development of anal fissure.

The term fissure here refers to an anal fissure, which is a painful condition affecting the anus region of the body. An anal fissure refers to a cut or a thin tear in the tissue that lines the inner part of the anus. A fissure is similar to a crack and it can even cause muscle around the anus to get exposed.

Anal fissure are very painful and they can affect people of all ages (from infants to the elderly). Surgery is the best fissure treatment and the procedure is simple.

Our stellar doctors

Dr. Vishal Tukaram

General Surgeon15 Years Experience

DNB - General Surgery, FCPS - General Surgery, MBBS

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General Surgeon12 Years Experience

FMAS ( Minimal Access Surgery ) , MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Sameer Rambia

General Surgeon8 Years Experience

FMAS ( Minimal Access Surgery ) , MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Jiten Chaudhary

General Surgeon28 Years Experience

MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Srirang Yadwadkar

General Surgeon10 Years Experience

MNAMS, FICS , FCPS, FMAS , MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Susheel Dubey

General Surgeon15 Years Experience

DNB General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Abhijeet bhagul

General Surgeon22 Years Experience

FCPS , MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Gautam Nadkarni

General Surgeon24 Years Experience

MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Pradeep Srihan

Laproscopic & General Surgeon21 Years Experience

MS General Surgery , MBBS

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Hear from our customers

Lovedeep Singh MaanMumbai
Very satisfied with the Care Expert support from PharmEasy. I opted for anal fissure surgery for my father. PharmEasy took care of everything from transportation, to doctors consultations to the paperwork. Keep up this great service PharmEasy and I highly recommend your service to everyone.
Rashee ShahMumbai
The discounts on surgery from PharmEasy are great. I received great care for a very affordable price. I thank PharmEasy for amazing service at such pocket-friendly prices!
Sukhdev RanaMumbai
The Care Expert took very good care of my mother who had to go for an anal fissure treatment. They handled all the paperwork procedures and also made sure she reached home in comfort after the surgery. Keep up the great work PharmEasy, your care for the elderly is commendable.
Varun SodhaMumbai
Never thought an anal fissure surgery would be so hassle-free. I got my surgery done within 30 minutes and I was back home in a few hours. There was minimal pain and I healed very fast. Doctors at PharmEasy are truly experienced and I thank them for making my life easier.
Malvika SoodMumbai
PharmEasy provided assistance throughout the fissure treatment procedure and it was great not to worry about any insurance and paperwork as the Care Expert took care of it.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there any fissure treatment without surgery?

    Yes, there are non-surgical methods to aid fissure treatment however, surgery remains the best treatment option when advised by a doctor. To treat the anal fissure without surgery, the doctor uses muscle relaxant creams, lignocaine jelly, laxatives, etc. The doctor may also suggest treatment by soaking the affected area in lukewarm water (sitz bath).

  • What food should I consume after anal fissure surgery?

    You should consume food that is easy to digest and very light on the stomach. Avoid any kind of spicy food as it will irritate the anus. You should eat boiled vegetables, rice, yoghurt, buttermilk and light proteins like chicken, fish and lentils. Add a lot of fibre to your diet to aid bowel movement.

  • Does Care Expert schedule any tests before the surgery?

    Yes. The Care Expert handles all the scheduling required for diagnostic tests before the surgery and even notifies you of the same. The Care Expert also takes care of all your post-surgery requirements and even arranges transportation to the hospital and back to your home. Book your fissure surgery through PharmEasy to avail of the Care Expert support

  • Does lateral sphincterotomy cause bleeding?

    There is a possibility of mild bleeding after a lateral sphincterotomy. Undergoing laser fissure surgery is painless and does not cause any bleeding.

  • Is it painful after getting an anal fissure surgery?

    No, there is no pain after an anal fissure surgery and the procedure allows you to heal quickly.

  • Is there a loss of continence after the fissure surgery?

    The anal fissure surgery does not cause any loss of continence.

  • What are the chances of recurrence of anal fissure after the surgery?

    The chances of recurrence of anal fissure after surgery is minimal, provided that you maintain your diet and also stick to a healthy lifestyle.

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