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Why an Appendix Surgery?

An appendix laparoscopic surgery is the best method to treat appendicitis. If not treated on time, appendicitis can lead to life-threatening complications. The method of treatment is non-invasive, does not require much time to heal and is also done within a day.

Here are reasons why you should opt for your appendix surgery through PharmEasy:

  • Painless procedure
  • No stitches that will leave behind scars on your body
  • Short procedure of only 30-45 minutes
  • Short hospital stay
  • Quick recovery with minimal pain
  • Very low chances of complications post-surgery
  • Cost-effective treatment option

Diagnosis of Appendicitis and its treatment

To diagnose your disease and suggest an appropriate surgical option, the doctor will perform a clinical examination of the affected area. The doctor might even suggest a blood test and a urine test to check for symptoms of infection. Imaging tests like X-Ray, CT scans or MRI scans may also be suggested to check for signs of appendicitis. Book your Appendix surgery through PharmEasy SurgiCare. Our Care Expert will help you in getting your diagnostic tests done through PharmEasy.

Appendix problems require prompt intervention. Surgery is the only treatment option for appendicitis pain. If not treated on time, it can lead to life-threatening complications. Here are the surgeries that may be suggested to you by the doctor:

  • Option 1 ยท Doctor Recommended

    Laparoscopic appendectomy

    This appendix surgery is the least invasive method to treat appendicitis. A small incision is made in the abdomen and a thin tube called a laparoscope is inserted. This helps the surgeon image inside your body and guide the tools to remove your appendix. There is minimal scarring and you recover quickly.

  • Option 2

    Open surgery

    Open surgery may be suggested if the appendix is in a critical state. A larger incision is made on the abdomen and the appendix is removed through the incision. The wound is closed with a stitch.

What is the appendix?

  • Symptoms of Appendicitis

    The following are some symptoms of appendix ailment for which you might need to get appendix surgery:

    • Pain in the abdomen A major symptom of appendicitis is a sharp abdominal pain that originates at the belly button and can be felt till the lower side of the right abdomen.

    • Swelling in the abdomen If your appendix is affected by disease or it is blocked, then it might lead to the swelling of your lower abdominal region.

    • Rigidness If your abdominal muscles seem abnormally rigid, then it may be a sign of problems in your appendix.

    • Digestive problems Digestive disorders like diarrhoea or constipation, bloating and flatulence can also be a sign of problems with your appendix.

    • Nausea Any infections in the appendix can lead to nausea.

    • Vomiting You might feel like vomiting too.

    • Loss of appetite Appendicitis can cause the loss of appetite (you do not feel hungry whereas you normally would).

    • High-grade fever Infections in the appendix can lead to High-grade fever.

  • Causes of appendicitis that requires appendix surgery

    The following are the most probable causes of appendicitis that can be treated with appendix laparoscopic surgery:

    • Blockage If the opening where the appendix connects to the intestines gets blocked by a foreign object, it can lead to appendicitis due to the obstruction and build of infection.

    • Infections in the digestive tract Any infection in the digestive tract can affect the appendix and lead to further spreading of the infection and formation of pus inside the organ.

    • Injury to the abdomen An injury to the abdomen can cause trauma to the appendix and lead to ailments.

    • Inflammatory bowel disease Inflammatory bowel disease is a disease that affects the intestines and causes inflammation. This can also adversely affect the appendix and cause appendicitis.

    • Growth inside the appendix Abnormal growths inside the appendix can also cause problems that require appendix surgery.

The appendix is a minor organ that is attached to the large intestine of your body. The appendix is a small tube-shaped pouch that does not serve any major function (vestigial), although it is believed to be the storehouse of good bacteria in the body. Therefore, if it is required for the appendix to be removed then it does not pose any significant risks for your body. 

Appendix pain can happen if your appendix becomes inflamed due to any infection (appendicitis). Bacterial infections in the appendix can lead to the formation of pus inside the appendix that can lead to more complications in your body. The appendix can also be affected if a foreign body blocks the passageway of the appendix. If you are affected by problems with the appendix, then the best method of treatment is an appendix operation. Appendicitis can affect anyone but is more common in people between the ages of 10 to 30.

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Ritika BerryMumbai
PharmEasy has provided me with exceptional services for my appendix surgery. Everything was taken care of by them from doctors appointments, diagnostic tests, to even the transportation requirements to go to the hospital and come back. The Care Expert service is truly a big help for elder women like me!
Hoshiar SinghMumbai
I am grateful to PharmEasy. The appendix surgery for my son was done at one of the best hospitals in the city. The minimal cost and the EMI option made it possible for me to get this surgery done.
D. PurshottamMumbai
Superb doctors and very helpful Care Expert attendant. The Care Expert handled all paperwork at the hospital and even took care of my insurance papers.
Rani RamaniMumbai
Everyone should opt for surgery through PharmEasy. Superior service at such affordable costs!
Abhay DabolkarMumbai
I got my appendix laparoscopic surgery done through PharmEasy and I must say that no other hospital experience has been so smooth and comfortable. The Care Expert handled my diagnostic tests and transportation requirements. Even the paperwork was handled by the Care Expert. The doctors were very efficient and I rejoined my work within 2 days of the surgery.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should one go for appendix surgery?

    You should go for appendix surgery if your doctor suggests it to you. Visit a doctor if you notice symptoms like nausea, abdominal pain, abdominal tenderness or rigidity and low-grade fever.

  • Can appendicitis be treated without a surgical procedure?

    Appendicitis usually needs surgical removal of the appendix. Your doctor will suggest the best treatment option for you after a clinical examination.

  • What are the chances of bleeding during an appendix laparoscopy surgery?

    There are minimal chances of bleeding after appendix laparoscopic surgery .

  • What are the complications of appendicitis if left untreated?

    If appendicitis is left untreated it can lead to severe complications like peritonitis, ruptured appendix, septicemia and abscesses.

  • How long does it take for the pain to go after an appendix laparoscopy surgery?

    The pain after laparoscopic surgery will recover within 1-2 days.

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