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Vitafiber Powder is quite possibly the healthiest sugar and flour substitute that will ever grace your kitchen. Used in many cakes, shakes and smoothie recipes, it’s packed with 91% dietary fibre and has a gentle natural sweetness. Vitafiber Powder is incredibly nutritionally versatile. Many people will simply add this to their Whey Protein 80 shake for extra fibre and sweetness. Others might use it to sweeten their morning Protein Coffee Cooler or green tea. But equally, thousands of people grab a pouch of Vitafiber Powder, roll their sleeves up and get into the kitchen to produce a variety of baking-themed masterpieces.


  • Every gram of Vitafiber Powder is made from non-GMO corn-starch and is formed from a unique blend of short-chain carbohydrates molecules. Each is linked through digestion resistant bonding and enzymatic conversion of starch.
  • It is a naturally sweet high fibre powder ideal for daily use.
  • Vitafiber Powder can be a perfect sugar and flour substitute in baking.
  • It has an extremely low glycaemic index with 100% solubility. It is also gluten-free.
  • Derived from non-GMO corn starch, it has a heat stability of up to 180 degrees.
  • Because of its low glycaemic and almost no sugar content, it is ideal for diabetic patients.


  • Carbohydrate
  • Dietary Fibre
  • Protein
  • Total Fat (both Trans/Saturated)
  • Added Sugar
  • Sodium


Vitafiber Powder can be used as a basic protein powder even for diabetes and can also be used as an alternative baking powder.

How to Use

  • One serving (3 levelled scoops or 45g) in 150 ml of water twice a day.
  • For adults or as directed by a physician or nutritionist.
  • For baking, use a similar quantity as much flour is needed.

Safety Information

  • Food supplements are intended to correct nutritional deficiencies, maintain an adequate intake of certain nutrients or support specific physiological functions.
  • Follow the instructions on the label.
  • Check with your healthcare professional if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • If you experience any side effects, stop taking the supplement and contact your health care professional.


Q 1. Is Vitafiber Powder suitable for consumption?

Ans: The powder contains dual protein with all essential amino acids and maintains bone and muscle mass. Vitafiber Powder also contains dietary fibre (soluble and insoluble fibre) that supports bowel movement and helps meet daily fibre needs.

Q 2. What are the benefits of non-GMO?

Ans: A “Non-GMO” claim on food suggests that all ingredients were derived from plants, animals or other organisms whose genetic material was not artificially altered in a laboratory. A non-GMO product like Vitafiber Powder has these benefits.

Q 3. Is Vitafiber Powder for kids?

Ans: Kids above the age of 15 can consume Vitafiber Powder as a daily fibre need fulfilment supplement.

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