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The Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo locks the moisture in your hair, leaving it frizz-free and silky. What makes it ideal for Indian hair is the presence of UV blockers, keratin and olive oil. The shampoo creates a protective layer on the strands of your hair to lock moisture.

This variant comes in a compact bottle of 85ml which makes it an ideal travel companion.


  • Provides your hair with a super soft texture by creating a blockade between your hair and the weather.
  • Keeps your hair cuticles safe against humidity.
  • Locking the moisture in the hair, the shampoo helps control frizziness.


  • Dimethiconol and Tea-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate
  • Glycol Distearate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Panthenol
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Carbomer
  • Water
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine and other related ingredients


  • Manages frizzy hair.
  • Help keep hair hydrated.
  • Aids in making hair stronger.
  • Protects hair against humidity.

How to Use

  • First, wet your hair.
  • Apply the Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo.
  • Lather it and massage your hair gently.
  • Rinse your hair clean.
  • Apply a conditioner for best results.

Safety information

  • Always avoid contact with your eyes. If it happens, rinse it off quickly with water.
  • Read the ingredients carefully before using the product.
  • Do not use shampoo in case of any potential allergies.
  • Always store it in a cool and dry place.


Q1. Does the Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo work for Men?

Ans. Yes. It works well on men’s hair.

Q2. Will using the Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo help straighten one’s hair?

Ans. By controlling the frizz in one’s hair, the shampoo makes the hair smooth and manageable. However, it does not straighten it.

Q3. How does the Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo reduce frizziness?

Ans. The moisture in the hair makes it smooth and silky. By securing this moisture, the Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo helps make the hair less frizzy.

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