Philips Avent Teat Fast Flow, 4 Holes Normal Nipple

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Philips Avent Teat Fast Flow has been designed to provide a healthy and comfortable feeding experience for your baby. It has been trusted by mothers for over 30 years now. With a unique latch-on, your baby controls the flow of milk and prevents the risk of formation of gas in the stomach or overfeeding. This Philips Avent Teat Fast Flow has undergone several trials to prove its efficacy. It was proven that it reduces the fussing of a baby by about 28 minutes a day, especially during the night. This ensures a good night's sleep for your baby. Moreover, it also possesses an anti-colic valve that prevents the air from going into your baby's stomach and allows air only into the bottle.


  • Comfortable and natural feeding experience.
  • Presence of anti-colic valve.
  • The nipple is BPA-free.
  • Soft silicone used.
  • Safe for the baby.
  • Easy to use.
  • Presence of 4 holes.
  • Reduces fussing by 28 minutes.
  • Presence of easy latch-on.
  • Reduces the risk of overfeeding.
  • Non-collapsible structure.
  • Ribbed textured nipple.
  • Suitable with any classic bottle.
  • Promotes a healthy life for the baby.




  • Used for feeding babies.
  • Can be used while travelling.
  • Can be used at night before bed.
  • Suitable for infants between 2-6 months of age.
  • For both boys and girls.
  • For feeding milk.
  • Safe to use.
  • It is used for an enhanced feeding experience.

How to Use

  • Clean or sanitise the Philips Avent Nipple before use.
  • Make sure to clean the feeding bottle as well.
  • Now boil milk in a pan.
  • Fill the bottle with milk after checking its temperature.
  • Do not overfill the bottle.
  • Cap it again.
  • Place the baby in a comfortable and relaxed position.
  • Start feeding the milk with the help of the Avent teat.
  • Let the baby feed on the milk slowly.

Safety information

  • Make sure to wash the bottle and the nipple before and after use.
  • Do not overfeed the baby.
  • Make sure the cap of the bottle is tight enough.
  • Do not force the nipple into the infants' mouth.
  • Keep the teat away from heat or fire.
  • Do not keep the nipple in the baby's mouth unnecessarily.
  • Do not fill the bottle to its maximum capacity.
  • Do not give it to babies above 6 months.


Q1. Can I wash the Philips Avent Nipple?

Ans. Yes, definitely. It can be washed easily before and after feeding the baby.

Q2. My baby is 4 months old. Can I use it to feed her?

Ans. This Philips India product is designed for babies up to 6 months of age. Hence, it can be easily given to a baby of 4 months.

Q3. How safe is this product?

Ans. This product has been tested clinically to reduce the fussing of the baby by 28 minutes per day. It has no toxins or chemicals and is even BPA-free. Hence, it's very safe.

Q4. How many holes does it have?

Ans. This Philips company product has 4 holes.

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