Philips Avent Straw Cup 7oz Single Mixed Boy

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Philips Avent Straw Cup 7OZ for kids is a cup that facilitates their first sips with a straw. This cup is ergonomically built keeping young toddlers in mind. Among the big benefits of Philips Avent Straw Cup 7OZ is that it leads to healthy oral development of the baby. What’s more, you will find it quite straightforward to assemble and dismantle this straw cup for washing.


  • Material is completely BPA-free.
  • Very easy to dismantle and assemble.
  • Made by experts to promote healthy oral development for toddlers.
  • A soft straw makes it suitable for toddlers.
  • Bendable lower straw for comfortable, easy drinking.
  • Integrated anti-leak valve.
  • The superior built design prevents any spillage.


  • Soft straw
  • Plastic cup
  • Plastic flip top


  • Let a toddler sip through it.
  • To facilitate healthy oral development for the toddler.

How to Use

  • Dismantle the various parts and wash them thoroughly.
  • Fill the healthy liquid.
  • Assemble the cup.
  • Gently put the bendable straw in the toddler's mouth.

Safety Information

  • Never put an unwashed straw in the baby’s mouth.
  • Remove the straw immediately from the baby’s mouth, if the baby expresses any discomfort.


Q1. When should I let my baby drink from this straw cup?

Ans: You can make your baby drink from the Philips Avent Straw Cup 7OZ during lactation from around 6 months of age. Babies usually become accustomed to it very quickly. 

Q2. When should I stop my baby from using this straw cup?

Ans: Despite the many uses of Philips Avent Straw Cup 7OZ Single, it still becomes important to wean your baby from it. This weaning should come about by the age of 2, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Q3. What does healthy oral development from using Philips Avent Straw Cup 7OZ imply?

Ans: Regularly using this straw cup certainly facilitates healthy oral development. This implies building up the strength of the tongue, cheek and lip of the baby. Besides, it also enhances a proper swallow pattern and speech development for the baby.

Q4. Can I give milk in this straw bottle?

Ans: Yes, you can give any healthy liquid in this straw bottle, whether it is milk, water or some medication. There are no side effects of Philips Avent Straw Cup 7OZ.

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