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Nicotex Classic Mint 2 Mg Tablet 9
Nicotex Classic Mint 2 Mg Tablet 9
Nicotex Classic Mint 2 Mg Tablet 9
Nicotex Classic Mint 2 Mg Tablet 9
Nicotex Classic Mint 2 Mg Tablet 9
Nicotex Classic Mint 2 Mg Tablet 9

Nicotex Classic Mint 2 Mg Tablet 9

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Nicotex 2mg Chewing Gum Tin Box is an alternative to nicotine (tobacco). Nicotine, the primary alkaloid in tobacco products and a naturally occurring autonomous substance, is a nicotine receptor agonist in the peripheral and central nervous systems and has pronounced CNS and cardiovascular effects. The principal mechanism of action of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is to partially replace the nicotine formally obtained from tobacco. It provides small and sustained quantities of nicotine without the harmful gases of smoking, to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and cravings.


  • Helps you quit smoking in 12 weeks without any side effects
  • Helps minimize withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking/chewing tobacco
  • Clinically proven therapy to quit smoking – Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
  • Nicotex gum doesn’t contain any harmful contents like tar or carbon monoxide

How to Use:

  • Chew the Nicotex gum when you feel an urge to smoke
  • Do not chew Nicotex like a regular gum; chew slowly to get the most out of the gum
  • Chew the gum gradually until a peppery or flavored taste emerges
  • Further, place and rest it between your cheek and gum- to allow nicotine absorption through the inner lining of the mouth
  • Park the Nicotex gum for about 30 minutes or until the taste dissipates.
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