Microshield Pure Gel - 1 L

Microshield Pure Gel - 1 L

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Microshield Pure Gel is ideal for keeping hands hydrated and germ-free when on the road. It eliminates the majority of common germs while keeping your hands clean and soft and they come in a variety of seasonal smells. With Microshield Pure Gel, you receive clean hands with a subtle scent and you don't even have to use water. As a result, you may use the sanitiser to protect yourself against germs at any time and in any place. It also includes built-in emollients, which makes it less harmful to the skin. Microshield Pure Gel is simple and comes in small amounts, which is especially useful when soap and water are unavailable.


  • Microshield Pure Gel is an Ethanol IP-based hand gel with a 79.9% Ethanol content for clinical and hygienic hand disinfection.
  • Microshield Pure Gel contents come with broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties that make bacteria, fungi and viruses susceptible.
  • It is excellent for both hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.
  • This gel is developed to meet both hospital and surgical needs.
  • Enriched with the goodness of moisturisers and emollients.
  • It passes the EN standards and is especially mild on the skin.


  • 79.9% v/v Ethanol IP
  • Emollients
  • Moisturisers


  • Microshield Pure Gel benefits by providing quick action and hygienic protection for your hands.
  • Emollients and moisturisers make the sanitiser highly tolerant of your skin.

How to Use

  • Remove all visible organic matter from your hands before you apply Microshield Pure Gel contents.
  • Pour a dime-size amount of sanitiser on the palm of one of your hands.
  • Cover every part of your hands with the sanitiser by rubbing it all over your hands.
  • Interlock your fingers so that you can clean thoroughly.
  • Carefully continue rubbing your hands until the sanitiser is completely absorbed and your hands are dry and clean.

Safety Information

  • Read the instruction label extremely carefully before use.
  • Do not apply Microshield Pure Gel to your eyes.
  • Keep the sanitiser out of reach of your children.
  • Store the sanitiser in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.
  • The product is highly flammable, hence store it away from any open flame.


Q 1. Does the Microshield Pure Gel have any adverse effects on the skin?

Ans: The sanitiser comes with emollients and moisturisers, which protect skin from drying.

Q 2. Can children use Microshield Pure Gel?

Ans: Yes, Microshield Pure Gel benefits children as well. Children can take it to school and you can be confident that they are shielded from germs before eating, especially in situations where they are unlikely to wash their hands without supervision.

Q 3. When can Microshield Pure Gel be used?

Ans: It may be used before a meal at a restaurant or while eating street cuisine. Additionally, it can also be used for surgical purposes.

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