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Liveasy Guardian A95 Reusablemask For Kids, Pack Of 2

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LivEasy Essentials Guardian A95 Mask For Kids is a mask that protects children against harmful airborne particles. The air we breathe in is loaded with pollutants, allergens, toxic fumes and airborne germs that are detrimental to human health. They can trigger asthma attacks, lung infections, lung damage, breathing trouble and diseases like tuberculosis, measles, chickenpox or the present pandemic. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of pollution because they breathe more rapidly than adults. So more pollutants and toxins enter their respiratory system and get absorbed in their bodies every minute. Besides, their immunity is not as strong as an adult's immunity.

LivEasy Essentials Guardian A95 Mask For Kids will help reduce up to 95% of air pollutants, emissions, pollen and other toxins from entering the nose and mouth and keep your child safe. This mask will shield a child’s respiratory system from the abrasive effect of air pollution. The mask also protects kids from airborne diseases like the flu.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains 4 layers for advanced protection
  • Very breathable, light-weight with anti-bacterial fabric
  • Sits securely over the face with a nose clip
  • Specially contoured design to fit the smaller faces of children
  • Washable and suitable for 30 uses
  • Anti-dust
  • Does not muffle your child’s voice or obstruct his/her vision
  • Splash-resistant and tested hydrostatically

How to use this mask:

Before children put on the mask, make sure that they-

  • Wash or sanitize their hands
  • Unfold the mask
  • Hold it to the face (covering the nose and mouth)
  • Hook the mask around the ears

If you are going to help your child put on the mask, you too will need to follow the same procedure.

Precautions to keep in mind:

  • Always ensure that children disinfect their hands before wearing the mask or sanitize yours if you put the mask on them yourself.
  • Wash children’s masks after every use.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not let children share their mask with anyone.
  • Keep an eye on your child and see if the mask triggers breathing problems. If so, do not let your child use the mask.
  • Discard the mask after it has been used 30 times.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. What is LivEasy Essentials Guardian A95 Mask For Kids used for?
Ans. These masks are a kind of personal protective equipment that is made to fit the faces of children and can protect the child wearing it from harmful airborne germs and pollutants.

Q2. Are respirator masks washable?
Ans. Yes, all respirator masks should be washed after every use.

Q3. Is the LivEasy Essentials Guardian A95 Mask For Kids effective against coronavirus?
Ans. Yes, if you make sure that your child wears it the right way (it should fit perfectly over the nose, chin and cheeks and enclose the nose and mouth, leaving no gaps for entry of air), then the LivEasy Essentials Guardian A95 Mask For Kids will protect them from coronavirus and other respiratory illnesses.

Q4. When should my child wear the LivEasy Essentials Guardian A95 Mask For Kids?
Ans. Children must wear the LivEasy Essentials Guardian A95 Mask For Kids whenever they step outside their home. Even if they are going out for just a few minutes, pollutants and germs could enter their body. So, make sure they wear it always- even if they are just accompanying you to the grocery store.

Q5. Is the LivEasy Essentials Guardian A95 Mask For Kids waterproof?
Ans. Yes, LivEasy Essentials Guardian A95 Mask For Kids is tested to ensure that it is resistant to splashes of water. However, if the mask gets drenched in torrential rain, then remove it from your child’s face and give him/her a fresh one.


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