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Liveasy Essentials Respirometer / Spirometer - Lung Exerciser
Liveasy Essentials Respirometer / Spirometer - Lung Exerciser

Liveasy Essentials Respirometer / Spirometer - Lung Exerciser

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Breathing efficiently is associated with many health benefits such as mental clarity, reduced stress, efficient sleep, improved immune function and proper digestion. The modern times have made us realize the importance of healthy lungs and thus there is a need to improve our lung capacity. The healthier our lungs are and the more mindfully we breathe, the less prone we are to get lung related conditions. That is why everyone can benefit from using LivEasy Respirometer.

LivEasy Respirometer is a device that helps measure your respiratory function by calculating the rate of gaseous exchange. It is used to perform deep breathing exercises that can help you breathe efficiently, to your optimum lung capacity. It may help improve disrupted breathing patterns and overall respiratory health. This is an inhalation exercise device that is composed of 3 chambers with colour coded balls. When you breathe in, the balls rise. The more air you take into the lungs, the higher these 3 balls will rise. This gives you an indication of how healthy your lungs are at present.

With repeated use, you will be able to breathe deeply and draw in more volume of air and the 3 balls will reach maximum height. With increased lung capacity, your airways will become clear and your blood oxygen saturation level too will increase. LivEasy Respirometer can be used by everyone, irrespective of sex or age. The parts of the LivEasy Respirometer can be disassembled for washing.

Uses of LivEasy Respirometer:

  • Helps improve the lung function
  • Can help in increasing oxygen saturation level in the blood
  • Aids in keeping the airways clear and mucus-free
  • Can help reduce stress and anxiety by improving oxygen supply to brain
  • Improves respiratory health and may reduce shortness of breath
  • Improves circulation of oxygen within the body

Product specifications:

  • The parts can be removed, cleaned, and put back together
  • It contains 3 chambers with colour coded balls in each of them

Product care:

  • Rinse with lukewarm soapy water
  • Hold the parts under running water and wash off any remains of soap
  • Let it dry naturally

Safety information:

  • If you experience shortness of breath or chest pain, discontinue usage
  • Keep away from children
  • If children are using the product, make sure it is under adult supervision

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Who can use LivEasy Respirometer?
Ans: LivEasy Respirometer can be used by both adults and children. For children, it should be used under adult’s supervision.

Q2: What is the use of LivEasy Respirometer?
Ans: LivEasy Respirometer is a device that is used to measure the respiratory function of an individual. It can help improve your lung health and can aid in increasing your lung capacity so that you can inhale more air. That means, more oxygen will be diluted in your blood.

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