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Liveasy Essentials Cotton Buds 200's
Liveasy Essentials Cotton Buds 200's

Liveasy Essentials Cotton Buds 200's

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LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds are primarily used to clean the outer ear. These cotton buds can also be used for a range of other purposes such as cleaning wounds, applying make-up, removing nail paint, painting, baby or pet care, face cleansing, manicures etc. These Cotton Buds have 100% natural cotton tips, which are soft and highly absorbent. The cotton used is of the highest quality and is very skin-friendly. People with ultra-sensitive skin can also safely use them. The stem is smooth and flexible for the convenience of use. The 400 swabs (200 sticks) are placed in a secure and hygienic container which is easy to carry.

Uses of LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds:

  • Cleaning the outer ear
  • Cleaning wounds
  • Applying and removing make-up
  • All cosmetic processes that require cotton
  • Removing nail polish or doing a manicure
  • Cleaning collectibles
  • Babycare

Product Specifications and Features:

  • Soft-tipped swabs- the size of which follows the international recommendation for better cleaning
  • Contains 400 swabs (200 sticks)
  • 100% pure cotton used for making the tips
  • Light-weight and convenient to carry

Product Usage Guidelines:

  • Don’t use the product if the seal is broken
  • Put the cap back on after taking out a swab
  • Throw away a swab after using it

Safety information:

  • While cleaning your ears, use gently. Don’t insert them deep in the ear
  • Keep out of children’s reach
  • This product is not meant for cleaning baby's ears
  • Use within 3 years from the date of manufacture

Directions for use:

Use LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds for cleaning your outer ear, all your beauty, hygiene, baby, or pet care needs. Unseal the container, take out a swab whenever needed, and put the cap back on. Dispose of the swab after using it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I safely use LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds?
Ans: LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds are made with the softest, finest, and purest cotton that is gentle to even the most sensitive skin. So you don’t have to fear skin allergies or rashes when using these buds.

Q2. What are the uses of LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds?
Ans: You can use LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds for multiple reasons such as cleaning a wound, giving yourself a manicure, applying or removing eye make-up, removing dirt from collectible items in your house, painting, etc.

Q3. What is ear wax? Is it good or bad?
Ans: Earwax is produced in the ear as a protective measure. It can prevent drying of the ear canal by acting as a natural moisturizer. It helps in trapping dirt or dust at the ear canal and does not allow it to enter deep into the ear. It prevents infectious organisms from entering the deep into the ear and protects the eardrum. However, sometimes excessive wax can be produced, which might lead to blockade and might result in difficulty in hearing.

Q4. Should I use LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds to clean out ear wax?
Ans: It is not recommended to use any cotton bud to clean your ear wax because when you put the swab in, it tends to push the ear wax deep into your ears. Deep insertion of the cotton swab may also result in hurting the eardrum and hence must be avoided. Hence, it is recommended to use cotton swabs only for cleaning the outer ear and avoid cleaning the ear canal. In case of excessive wax, it is advised to get it removed from a doctor.

Q5. Can I re-use LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds?
Ans: Never utilize used cotton swabs as that is extremely unhygienic. Throw a swab away as soon as you have used it and always use a fresh one.

Q6: What precautions should I take while using LivEasy Essentials Cotton Buds?
Ans: When using a LivEasy Essentials Cotton Bud or any cotton swab, the outer fibres may come loose. So if you are cleaning wounds, make sure that no fibres remain at the site. Keep the product away from children or pets as they may swallow the cotton swabs.

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