Equal Sweetener Sugar Free Cook & Bake Jar - 90g
Equal Sweetener Sugar Free Cook & Bake Jar - 90g

Equal Sweetener Sugar Free Cook & Bake Jar - 90g

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Equal Sweetener Sugar-Free contains aspartame, a protein derivative that is nutritious and a low-calorie sugar substitute. It is used to replace the sugar from all types of food preparations at home and in bakeries.


  • This product is a healthy sugar substitute. It gives sweetness to your preparations with negligible calories.
  • WHO and US-FDA approve equal sweeteners. Thus it is safe for daily consumption.
  • This Equal Sugar-Free follows the rules of Kosher pareve and thus is 100% vegetarian.
  • Equal Sweetener Sugar-Free has low carbohydrate content for people with diabetes and people who follow a keto diet, low-calorie diet or intermittent fasting diet.
  • One can use this sweetener for beverages, fruit juices and sweet dishes. Also, it has no bitter after taste, thus can be used for baking purposes too!

Key Ingredients



  • You can use Equal Sweetener Sugar-Free placement of standard household sugar in all types of recipes.
  • It is a zero-calorie sweetener, thus can help in maintaining sugar levels in both diabetic and non-diabetic people.
  • It helps in maintaining a healthy diet for health-conscious people with great taste too!

How to Use

One teaspoon of Equal Sweetener Sugar-Free will provide the same sweetness as that of 1 teaspoon standard household sugar.

You can use Equal sweeteners in a wide variety of dishes. It has no after taste thus can be used for cooking and baking. Add in the same quantity as that of the standard sugar in any recipe of choice.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • Keep out of children’s reach.
  • If diabetic, consult your doctor for dosage before using this sweetener.


Q1: I am diabetic. Is it safe for me to consume Equal Sweetener Sugar-Free daily?

Ans: Yes. But ideally, it is recommended that diabetic patients should consult their physician about any change in their diet plan and ingredients.

Q2: Does Equal Sweetener Sugar-Free help in reducing weight?

Ans: Equal Sweetener Sugar-Free is a zero-calorie sweetener. It provides the same sweetness as regular standard sugar with low carbohydrate content, which will help you maintain a healthy diet.

Q3: Does Equal Sweetener Sugar-Free interfere with my medications and supplements?

Ans: No. Equal Sweeteners are a healthy and safe substitute for replacing sugar in your food preparations. It has been approved by WHO and US FDA for daily consumption by people who are calorie conscious or have diabetes. This sweetener is not known for interfering with any medications.

Q4: Generally, artificial sweeteners give a bitter after taste when used in cooking. Does Equal Sweetener Sugar-Free also give a bitter after taste?

Ans: No. The sweetener contains aspartame which is a protein derivative. It provides the same sweetness as that of standard sugar with no bitter aftertaste.

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