Dr. Relife Health Safe All-In-One Vaporizer

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The Dr Relife Health Safe vaporizer is an all-in-one vaporizer. You can use it as a facial sauna, nasal steam or vaporiser by just changing the attachments that come with it. Use this vaporiser for the facial sauna to loosen dirt and blackheads and effectively cleanse your skin. You can also use it as a nasal inhaler to relieve symptoms of a common cold like chest congestion and a blocked nose. Add in a few drops of menthol or essential oil to clear nasal passage. The product is safe for use by both adults and children. Children should be supervised when using this vaporizer.


  • The all-in-one vaporizer unclogs pores and loosens blackheads and dirt so that they can be easily removed from the skin.
  • It can be used as a nasal steamer and offers relief from nasal congestion and clears air passage.
  • It includes 3 attachments - one each for the facial sauna, nasal steam and vaporiser.
  • The vaporizer is made of plastic, and thus it is very light and easy to store and travel friendly.


  • This steam inhaler acts as a facial sauna and nose steamer.
  • It effectively exfoliates the skin and opens up pores, softening dirt so that it can be removed.
  • It increases blood circulation.

How to Use

  • Fill the reservoir with water (do not pour in RO water).
  • Do not fill water over the ‘max’ limit.
  • Plug into electricity after placing the attachment of your choice.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the steam to start coming out.
  • Add a few drops of aromatic oil or herb oil on a cotton pad and place them on the aroma tray close to it.
  • Sit in front of the vaporizer and place your face slightly over the attachment and take steam. Do not lean too much over the attachment to be safe.
  • After use, switch off and unplug the appliance before draining out the water.
  • Add a pinch of salt if steam production is low.
  • Clean and dry the steamer with a cloth before storing it away.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • This product is for medical use.
  • Read the information on the label before using the steam inhaler.
  • Keep out of children’s reach.
  • As the inhaler is made of plastic, wash it a couple of times with lukewarm water to prevent the odour of burning plastic during the first few uses.


Q1. What is the capacity of the Dr Relife Health Safe vaporizer?

Ans: The Dr Relife Health Safe vaporizer is 250 ml in capacity.

Q2. The vaporizer comes with how many attachments?

Ans: The vaporizer comes with 3 attachments.

Q3. Is the vaporizer made of plastic?

Ans: The Dr Relife vaporizer is made of high-quality plastic.

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