Dr Morepen Non Contact Thermometer Nct01
Dr Morepen Non Contact Thermometer Nct01

Dr Morepen Non Contact Thermometer Nct01

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Dr Morepen Non-Contact Thermometer uses Infrared Technology to measure body temperature without contacting the skin surface directly. It is quick, accurate and convenient to use. Non-contact ensures hygiene and makes it more efficient in taking readings. The benefits of using Dr Morepen Non-Contact Thermometer NCT01 are that it is safe and easy to use and can even easily measure infants’ temperature. Most importantly, the device can measure accurate body temperature within seconds.


  • Measures the temperature instantly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Its non-contact feature helps in decreasing the spread of germs.
  • Dr Morepen Thermometer's advanced infrared technology provides quick and accurate results.
  • Store up to 10 readings at a time.
  • The thermometer can measure the temperature of non-living objects as well.


  • Dr Morepen Non-Contact Thermometer measures the body temperature without bringing the device in contact with the body.
  • Scans the heat emitted from the body and displays the body temperature within no time.
  • Provides fever indication.

How to Use

  • Hold the Dr Morepen NCT01 Thermometer sensing area perpendicularly onto the forehead.
  • Power on the non-contact thermometer.
  • No need to touch the skin with the thermometer.
  • Detects the body temperature from an ideal distance.
  • Hold the thermometer until it displays the reading on the screen.

Safety Information

  • Store Dr Morepen digital thermometer in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Read the label thoroughly before using the device.
  • Keep the device out of the reach of children.


Q1. What is the benefit of using Dr Morepen Non-Contact Thermometer?

Ans: The benefit of Dr Morepen Non-Contact Thermometer is a lesser chance of spreading germs. You can easily measure the body temperature of an individual without touching their skin.

Q2. Can the NCT01 Thermometer be used on babies?

Ans: Yes, it can measure the body temperature of babies easily without disturbing them. According to reviews, Dr Morepen Non-Contact Thermometer was quite helpful while measuring kids’ temperature, especially when they were sleeping.

Q3. Can the non-contact thermometer be used on the wrist?

Ans: Absolutely. It can be used on the forehead and wrist but use it from an ideal distance.

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