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Charak Honey is a healthy and nutritious product, determined to make one fit and free from any kind of illness. An ideal medicine for throat and digestive issues, this product is made with naturally extracted honey. Charak Honey is also considered a valued indigenous product and used as a home remedial measure to date. It undergoes quality testing three times to ensure no side effects from the product.


  • Charak products are 100% natural and made with the finest quality ingredients.
  • It undoubtedly boosts one’s immunity.
  • Acts as the natural antioxidants to remove all disease-causing germs.
  • It is a good source of medicine and also serves the nutrition value to the body.
  • No artificial sugar is added for the taste.
  • It acts as a natural sweetener used in different food items.
  • Having it daily keeps the digestion system intact.


  • Sugars
  • Glucose
  • Dextrin
  • Sucrose
  • Protein
  • Mineral Substances
  • Malic
  • Lactic Sorrel
  • Citric
  • Tartaric


  • Charak Honey is used for medicinal purposes.
  • It easily mixes with water and milk.
  • It can be used in place of sugar cubes to make green tea better.
  • Ideal for using in cooking items also as it does not contain any harmful impact.
  • It can be preserved for months and it does not deteriorate its nutritional value.

How to Use

  • It can be consumed directly without any extra addition.
  • Having one teaspoon in the early morning starts off the immune system effectively.
  • Mixed with warm water or milk enhances its nutritional quality.

Safety Information

  • The honey should be kept in a cool and dry place.
  • It has sweetening agents and there are higher chances of ant attack.
  • The packaging level should be read carefully before consuming or using it.


Q1. Does this honey benefit in good health?

Ans: Yes, Charak Honey benefits in good health as it is made with natural honey extraction, it does not have any harmful effects which harm the body. Acts as medicine and solves throat and digestion issues. It is also a certified product and has been clinically proven to use in any condition.

Q2. Does it contain harmful chemicals?

Ans: No, Charak Honey is 100% natural with zero harsh chemicals and no artificial agents are used for the sweetening taste. Several tests are run for taste as well as for safety precautions.

Q3. Does Charak Honey have any side effects?

Ans: There are no side effects of Charak Honey. Honey has a special quality that does not expire for months. Preserved honey is very healthy and beneficial for all kinds of health problems. However, one must be safe while choosing honey from the market as artificial honey has dominated the market.

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