Buddsbuddy Single Colour Water Filled Teether 1pc - Yellow

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Teethers are very helpful in the healing of gums during teething period of babies. Addition of water makes the teether even softer and easy to chew it. Buddsbuddy introduces water filled teethers, to give your baby a soft chewy surface to bite.

Featuring points -

  • Made from soft material - The soft material surface lets the baby to properly chew the teether and thus makes it easy to bite it.
  • Perfect healer - The teether heals the swelling gums and provides relief to the pain.
  • Water filled - Water present in the teether makes it extra smooth and chewable, thus easier to heal the gums.
  • Chemical proof - All the parts are made from a non-toxic material, hence ensuring baby's safety.
  • Safe - The product has rounded edges, this allows a complete safety from getting hurt in any manner.
  • Oral stimulation - The product provides oral stimulation in a much better way.
  • Reliable - The product is reliable and provides a great option to help baby relieve pain.
  • Food grade material - The product is made from food grade silicone, which makes it safe to use. 
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