Frequently Asked Questions
Medicine Order
Where is my order?
After placing an order, you can view the order status 24 hours a day by simply clicking on "My Order" on homescreen. From there, you will be able to view information about your order.
I want to cancel my order
You can cancel your order from Order details screen before it has been shipped. If your order has already been shipped, you can refuse it at the time of delivery and refund will be processed into the source, if order amount was paid online.
Items are missing from my order
We are really sorry for this experience. You can reach out to us by simply clicking on "Raise Issue" from our "Need Help" section on homescreen and our customer support executive will reach to you as soon as possible.
I want to modify items in my order
Sorry, once confirmed, items cannot be modified. You can place a fresh order for additional items.
Items are different from what I ordered
We are sorry for this experience. You can raise a return request for the medicines from order details screen, refund will be initialted immediately after our retail partner receives the products.
I have received damaged items
We are sorry for this experience. You can raise a return request for the medicines from order details screen, refund will be initialted immediately after our retail partner receives the products.
I want an invoice for my order
To get the invoice for any order, login to your account, go to my orders click/ tap the respective order and you'll find an option to download the invoice in PDF format.
Where can I check my order status?
Please tap on “My Orders” section on homescreen of App/Website/M-site to check your order status.
Do you deliver medicines in emergency situations?
Sorry, PharmEasy is NOT to be used in emergency situations. Please visit your nearest hospital/pharmacy or call on 108 for Emergency Medical Services.
If I upload a prescription, will my order be confirmed immediately?
Yes, If you have a valid prescription, your order will be confirmed immediately after our quailifed pharmacist validates the prescription andconfirms the required medicine.

What is a valid prescription?
A valid prescription has the following information:
1. Doctor's details: Name, Degree, Registration Number
2. Doctor’s stamp or signature
3. Patient name
4. Date of prescription or date of visit
5. Name of medicine, dosage, strength and duration for which it is required
Can I just buy another substitute medicine on my prescriptions?
Yes, you can buy other substitutes if your prescription lists the salt names instead of a brand name OR if your doctor specifically mentions that substitutes can be provided for the prescribed medicine.
What are the Medicines which are not deliverable through your platform?
We do not deliver medicines like Schedule X Drugs, Narcotic Drugs and Drugs which are banned by the legal and regulatory authorities of Government of India.
Can I get a different dosage other than what is mentioned in the Prescription?
No, Medicines will be provided as per the prescription. Quantity of medicines provided will be not more than that mentioned on the prescription. Self prescribed medicines will not be provided.
The delivery of my order is delayed. What should I do?
We are sorry for this experience.Please check your notification tab for updates. You can also track the status from "My Orders" section.
I haven't received my order but my order status shows 'Delivered'
We are really sorry for this experience. You can try reaching out to our delivery executive or us and we will try to resolve this as soon as possible.
Can I modify my address, once my order has been placed
Sorry, once placed, address cannot be modified in an order.
Which cities do you operate in?
We provide healthcare services across 1000+ cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad.
You can search for your city from our 'city selector section' on the homescreen.
How can I get my order delivered faster?
Sorry, currently we do not have any service available to expedite the order delivery. In future, if we are offering such service and your area pincode is serviceable, you will receive a communication from our end.
How long will it be before I receive my order?
We generally deliver orders within 1-7 business days, depending on your address.
Also, you will receive an estimated delivery date at the time of order placement.
Medicine Refill
Why should I have a medicine Refill?
If you require medicines for prolonged duration, Refill is just made for you! With Refills, forget keeping track of medicines & placing orders frequently.
Just place an order, adhere to your dose and let us know the interval for your medicine requirement! Trust us with the rest.
How do I create a Refill?
You can create a Refill from ‘My Refills’ section on app.


If you have been ordering a set of medicines regularly, you can ask our representative on an order confirmation call to create a refill for those medicines.
Does Refill require a fee?
Subscribing to Refills is absolutely free, and the benefits are many!
What if I miss my notification for Refill order?
We send you three notifications and SMSes in advance of your Refill cycle. If you happen to miss all of them you can go to ‘Active Refills’ section of app and confirm medicines. Else our representative calls and confirms your medicine.
Can I change the scheduled delivery date for Refill?
If you have excess medicines or running out of them, Go to ‘Active Refills’, choose the refill you want to edit and change the delivery date as per your ease.
Can refill interval be modified?
Yes! Go to ‘Active Refills’, choose the Refill you want to edit, and select the new interval.
Can I add a new medicine to my Refill?
Doctor changed your medicines? No worries! Please select ‘Call to confirm’ while confirming your Refill medicines through notification. On the confirmation call, ask the representative to add your new medicine to your existing Refill.
Can I alter the medicine quantity of my Refill?
Yes! In fact, when you click on Refill notification, you get to choose the quantity of medicine you require. You may do that on the confirmation call as well.
Can I skip my Refill delivery?
You very well can. Just click on ‘Skip your next delivery’ from ‘Active Refills’ section on the app.
Can I cancel my Refill?
Have a new prescription now? To cancel you existing Refill, go to ‘Active Refills’ section on app, & select ‘Cancel Refill’
What should I do if my Refill is on Hold?
If your Refill is on hold, it means we tried reaching you to confirm your order but could not. Please go to ‘Active Refills’ section on app, choose the delivery date and your refill will start working as per the cycle again. Easy!
What should I do if my Refill prescription is about to expire?
If you have a new prescription, you can cancel the existing refill and create a new one on app. An easy way would be to avail our free doctor consultation & get your Refill created.
Payment or Refund
I want to know the status of my refund
After the refund has been initiated the refund amount is expected to reflect in the your account as per the following timelines:

1. PharmEasy Wallet - Same Day
2. NEFT - 1 to 3 days post refund initiation
3. Online Refund – 7 to 10 days post refund initiation, depending on your bank partner
4. PhonePe and Other wallets– 6-7 day post refund initiation.
How can I make the payment for my order?
You can make the payment of your order once the invoice is generated from the "Pay Now" option available under "My Orders".


You can also visit the link which is sent to you via SMS notification and also you can visit the PharmEasy website by login with your registered number to make the payment.
I was not able to pay online while placing the order
You can make the payment of your order once the invoice is generated from the "Pay Now" option available under "My Orders".


You can also visit the link which is sent to you via SMS notification and also you can visit the PharmEasy website by login with your registered number to make the payment.
I want to return my order! What do I do?
You can raise a request to return your items with these simple steps:

1. Go to My Orders
2. Go to respective order and Click on 'Return items'
3. Select the item you wish to return and raise a return request

Once you raise a request, you'll get an SMS confirming that your request is being processed. Based on the item, your request will be processed and the item will be picked up after which you will get a refund.
In what mode will I receive my refund & how long will it take?

Payment Mode Refund Mode Refund time frame *
PharmEasy WalletPharmEasy Wallet24 Hours
PaytmPaytm7-10 working days
Credit card/Debit cardCredit card/Debit card7-10 working days
NetbankingBank account7-10 working days
MobikwikMobikwik7-10 working days
Phone Pe/BHIM UPIUPI linked bank account7-10 working days
Cash/card at deliveryPharmEasy Wallet24 Hours

* Refund time frame: Time after the return is received by partner retailer

In case the payment is done via multiple payment modes (PE Wallet + online), then the amount paid by PE wallet will be refunded first and remaining refund amount will be processed in the online payment mode.
What is PharmEasy's Return policy for Medicines? How does it work?
PharmEasy's return policy gives you an option to return the medicines purchased via PharmEasy within 30 days of receipt of the medicines (except refrigerated, damaged, wrong medicine which can be returned till 3 days of delivery). Copy of the invoice/bill from our partner retailers will be verified at the time of collection of returned medicines. After verification we will refund the amount, equivalent to the amount paid for the returned medicine(s) at the time of purchase.
Can items be returned after the time period mentioned in the Returns Policy?
Sorry, we will not be able to accept returns after the time period mentioned in the Return Policy.
Can I return any medicine?
Medicines which have been opened, partially used or disfigured are not eligible for returns.Please check the package carefully at the time of delivery
What is the return policy for Healthcare products?
Healthcare products can be returned within 7 days from the date of delivery. Food items are non returnable and non refundable if seal is broken
How long would it take me to receive the refund of the returned product?
Once your returns request has been accepted, the product is picked up and returned to our partner retailer. Once the returned product/s have been received and verified by our partner retailer, they will initiate a request to transfer the discounted value of the returned product(s).
Does PharmEasy pick up the product I want to return from my location?
Yes. Our hassle free return policy allows easy return of the products. We will pick up the return items within 4 - 7 days from the request placement date. Please keep the return package ready.
Why did the pick up of my product fail?
Our logistics team makes three attempts to pick up the item. If the item is not picked up in the third attempt, it will be assumed that the customer wants to keep the product. You can initiate a new return request, if item meets the return criteria. For more details, please write to us at or call our customer support team.
PharmEasy Wallet
I want to check my Pharmeasy wallet balance
To check your wallet balance, go to accounts section and you'll find an option to view your PharmEasy wallet balance under 'Wallet' section.
What is PharmEasy Wallet?
PharmEasy Wallet is a virtual wallet to store PharmEasy Cash. Each PharmEasy Cash unit is equal to ₹1. It can be redeemed only on purchase of medicines via PharmEasy and cannot be transferred to someone else.
How can I redeem PharmEasy Cash?
If you have any Cash in your PharmEasy Wallet, it will be automatically deducted from your next order and you will only have to pay the remaining amount. In case you cancel an order from which PharmEasy Cash was deducted then it will be returned to your wallet.
Is there a limit on how much Cash can be redeemed in one order?
No, there is no such limit and you can pay for your entire order via PharmEasy cash (if there is enough Cash in the Wallet).
How do I apply a coupon on my order?
You can apply a coupon on cart/review page at the time of order placement.
If you're getting a message that the coupon code failed to apply, it maybe because you are not eligible for the offer.
What are the active offers running?
You can check the list of active offers on homescreen under "Special Offers" section.
Also we send customized special offers specific to a customer through email/SMS on their registered email address and phone number.
How can I earn PharmEasy Cash?
PharmEasy provides easy returns on all orders and to facilitate a smooth process, we return money in the form of Pharmeasy Cash.
You can also earn PharmEasy Cash via promotions that we run from time to time. Cash will be automatically credited in the wallet of eligible customers or it can be earned by using an applicable coupon code.
Refer and Earn
How does refer and earn work?
Invite your friend & family by sharing your referral code.
If a new user places their 1st order using your referral code, they will get extra 5% off over the base discount.
You will get extra 5% off on your next order once the order delivery of your friend is complete.
How do I check my referral benefits?
You can view your referral benefits and the associated details on the "Refer and Earn" section under "Accounts" section.
Why did I not get the benefit for an invite that was accepted?
If you are not notified about your referral benefit, it's likely that one or more of the following conditions were there:

1. The person who used the code has already placed an order on PharmEasy.
2. The user clicked on your link and didn't create an account or complete their first purchase.
3. The referred member placed an eligible order, but the order was not fulfilled.
Is there an expiry date to my referral benefit?
Yes, there is an expiry date. Once you are eligible for the additional benefit, you need to place your medicine order within 3 months (90days) or it will lapse.
Diagnostic Tests
How does diagnostic test work?
Its as simple as it sounds.

1. You send us your diagnostic requirements by uploading a presciption photograph or by selecting the tests from our app.
2. Choose a time and date slot as per your convenience.
3. Our phlebotomists will visit you at the choosen time and place and will collect your samples and get them processed at our partner labs
4. Finally, we will e-mail you your test reports as and when they are available and send a hard copy through our courier the next day.
Are the labs owned by 'PharmEasy'?
No, we have partnered with renowned, accredited labs in your locality. Our partner labs are accredited by NABL (India Accreditation, given by Dept of Science and Technology, GOI) or QCI (Quality council of India).
Will I be needing a presciption for booking any tests?
No, you do not need a prescription in order to get the tests done. However, if you cannot read/ understand the tests prescribed by your doctor, upload the photograph of the prescription, we will call you to confirm the tests mentioned in the prescription.
Are there any service charge for the home visit?
No, the service is aboustely free. We just charge for the tests.
Is it safe to carry samples from my home to lab?
Yes, it is absolutely safe and for extra care our highly quailified phlebotomists have been provided with ice bags to prevent any sort of contamination of your sample.
Where can I check my diagnostics order status?
After placing an order, you can view the order status 24 hours a day by simply clicking on "My Order" on homescreen and go diagnostics section. From there, you will be able to view information about your order.
Healthcare Products
How can I order healthcare products?
You can order healthcare products by selecting the tile ‘healthcare products’ in the homepage of the app or searching for the product from the search bar on home page
How can I get my order delivered faster?
Sorry, currently we do not have any service available to expedite the order delivery. In future, if we are offering such service and your area pincode is serviceable, you will receive a communication from us
Can I use money in PharmEasy wallet for ordering healthcare products?
No, money in PharmEasy wallet cannot be used while making payment for healthcare products. It can only be used for orders with prescribed medicines.
Are there any shipping charges for healthcare products?
We charge a shipping amount of Rs. 29 for orders worth less than Rs. 300; otherwise delivery will be free of cost.
How do I know the healthcare products delivered are authentic?
While we take the utmost care in selecting our channel partners, the product is being procured directly from the manufacturers/ distributors. Apart from this, every product is checked internally (sealing, manufacturing and expiry date) before shipment is dispatched. Product manufacturing and expiry detail is available on every product. Please check your products before accepting them.
How are orders placed on PharmEasy delivered to me?
All orders placed on PharmEasy are dispatched through our partner logistics service.
I just cancelled my order. When will I receive my refund?
Refund will be processed into your account from which you made the payment within 7-10 business days.
How can I pay for my order at PharmEasy?
We support the following payment options:

1. Credit Card
2. Debit Card
3. Net banking
4. Digital Wallets
5. Cash On Delivery
6. Card swipe at the time of delivery 7. UPI
How do I apply a coupon on my order?
Coupon codes are currently not applicable on Healthcare products.
Are there any other hidden charges?
No. There are no hidden charges.
General queries
What is PharmEasy?
PharmEasy is - Pharmacy made Easy. We are a Lead Generating Platform that uses the best in Mobile, App and Web Technology to make sure that you get access to the best and most genuine health products, with the highest savings in the shortest time possible. We believe that everyone should have access to good health, and that technology has a huge role to play in it.
Is PharmEasy a pharmacy?
No, PharmEasy is only a Lead Generation Platform. Simply put, we are just a platform that connects you to your local pharmacy or registered vendor for the services you have opted for.
I did not receive my OTP on SMS
Please check your network connection, sometimes it takes 1-2 mins to receive an SMS. If you still don't receive an SMS please try the 'Miss call to login' option or you can try reaching out at 07666100300 and we will try to resolve this as soon as possible.
I want to unsubscribe from PharmEasy communications
Please drop us an email on mentioning the channels you would like to be unsubscribed from. We will take an action and confirm within 24-48 hours
I'm facing some technical issues while trying to order
We are really sorry for this experience. You can reach out to us and we will try to resolve this as soon as possible.
How can I change the phone number/email linked to my account?
Sorry, we do not have an option to change the phone number linked to your account.
If you want to change your email ID, you can go to accounts section and click on edit profile and change the mentioned email ID and a verification email will be sent to your new email ID.
What are your hours of operation?
Customer support is available everyday, 09:00 am to 9:00 pm IST. Our app is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Genuine Products
We maintain strict quality controls on all our partner retailers, so that you always get genuine products.
Secure Payment
100% secure and trusted payment protection
Hassle Free Monthly Refills
Subscribe for monthly refills. Flat 20% OFF* and free home delivery.
Easy Return
30 days return policy for medicines and 2 days for Healthcare item(s). Refer FAQs for more details.
Download the App for Free
Customer care timings: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (All days)
India’s Leading and Most-trusted Online Healthcare Aggregator:
Tired of rushing to the nearest chemist/ medical store to buy monthly medicines? You need not do so anymore! PharmEasy, your very own online healthcare and medicine delivery platform delivers genuine medicines right to your doorstep.
PharmEasy is pharmacy made easy. In a short span of three years, we have established ourselves as India’s leading online healthcare and medicine delivery platform, catering to two million customers pan India. Through our mobile app and website, we help customers (patients and their caregivers) connect with local pharmacy stores and diagnostic centers to fulfill their extensive medical needs. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to good health and that health care should be affordable to all. Taking this belief forward, we offer genuine medicines at FLAT 20% OFF, up to 70% OFF on Diagnostic tests and up to 50% OFF on healthcare products, ensuring highest savings in the shortest time possible.
We now deliver medicines in 1000+ cities in India, covering 22000+ pin codes. We offer diagnostic tests in Mumbai including Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan & Dombivali, in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad & Ghaziabad (entire NCR), Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Gandhi Nagar, Surat, Vadodara, Lucknow, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Jaipur.
Further, our customers enjoy many PharmEasy Perks! They are as follows:
Medicine Reminders
For those who forget to take their medicine doses on time, this feature acts as a reminder to ensure you never miss a dose. Skipping doses lowers the efficacy of the medication and delays the treatment.
Medicine Refills
Instead of placing repeated orders for required medicines, you can subscribe to our FREE refill service. Once you have uploaded your medicine prescription, click on ‘Auto Refills.’ Create a Refill for your existing requirement, medicine quantity, and the delivery interval.
Digital Prescription Record
Once you upload your prescription, it is stored as your digital prescription record.
Please note: PharmEasy does not share any patient/ customer data.
Free Doctor-Consultation
If you have misplaced your medicine prescription or if your prescription has expired, we can arrange a FREE tele-consultation with a certified third-party doctor. Doctors will consult with you regarding your health condition.
Get Lab Tests Services at Home
You need not waste your time at laboratories, waiting for your turn to get tests done. You just need to search for the prescribed diagnostic tests and book the same via our app or website. We offer up to 75% OFF on diagnostic tests, you can book and schedule your prescribed test on our app. These tests are offered by certified labs. Further, your test samples are picked up for FREE by our qualified phlebotomists.
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