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About the test
What is this test done for?
The test is done to measure the total amount of protein in the blood. It measures the amounts of two major groups of proteins i.e. albumin and globulin.
Why is it Done?
It is tested to assess the normal functioning of liver and kidneys as proteins are made mainly in liver and excreted from the kidneys. It will also help to know if the diet is providing sufficient protein.
When should it be performed?
The test is performed when there is swelling in the feet.
  • When there is fluid collection in lungs or abdomen which may cause shortness of breath due to protein deficiency.
  • If there is unexplained weight loss, fatigue or symptoms related to liver or kidney diseases..
How is it done
A blood sample will be collected from a vein in your arm. Fasting is not needed for the sample.
  • The normal range value is between 6 and 8.3 g/dL.
  • Elevated levels could mean—severe dehydration, bone marrow diseases, chronic inflammatory conditions, hepatitis or tuberculosis. In pregnancy, protein levels could be elevated.
  • Lower than normal levels could mean— malnutrition, uncontrolled diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney diseases, liver diseases or heart failure.
Other Tests
Liver function tests, renal function tests, pregnancy related tests, a complete blood count test can be ordered to assess the exact cause of variation in protein levels.
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