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PSA (for men)

About the test
What is this test done for?
Prostate- specific antigen is a protein which is produced by the cells of prostate gland present in males. Thus, PSA test is performed to measure its level in blood.
Why is it Done?
PSA test is performed as a screening test for diagnosis of prostate cancer in men.
When should it be performed?
The test is ordered as a screening test for cancer for men above the age of 45 years. It is also ordered when a person suffers from recurrent urinary tract infection to rule out prostate gland enlargement.
How is it done
A blood sample will be collected from a vein in your name. Fasting is not needed before sample collection.
  • Normal range is 0- 4.0ng/mL
  • Elevated levels could mean— Prostatitis, prostate cancer
  • Negative results could mean— benign prostate enlargement, non malignancy.
Other Tests
Ultrasound pelvis to assess the enlargement of prostate gland, biopsy of prostate gland to confirm malignancy can be associated with PSA test.
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