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About the test
What is this test done for?
Denge fever is an Aedes mosquito spread viral fever. The NS1 antigen test is a rapid diagnostic blood test to detect dengue infection.
Why is it Done?
Whenever there is high suspicion of dengue fever and during epidemics, this test is ordered. Dengue NS1 antigen is positive during first 3-4 days of the illness. The detection rate using this test decreases after first 3days of infection. Hence, it aids in an early diagnosis of the disease.
When should it be performed?

The test is performed when a patient presents with dengue-like symptoms like-

  • high fever with shivering
  • eye pain
  • rashes
  • backache, bodyache
  • fatigue, tiredness
  • loss of appetite

It is commonly done during monsoons when mosquito breeding season is at its peak and chances of dengue infection are high. It is performed as a confirmatory test.

How is it done
Fasting is not needed for sample collection. A small blood sample will be withdrawn from a vein in your arm.
Dengue NS1 positive means the candidate is currently infected with dengue virus. A negative result does not rule out dengue infection especially if done after first 3-4 days of fever. The test should be redone to confirm the suspicion.
Other Tests
  • Along with NS1 antigen, other tests complementing diagnosis of dengue fever include Dengue IgM antibody and Dengue-PCR. The IgM antibody level generally rises after 5 days of infection.
  • Once dengue is confirmed, serial monitoring of blood counts specifically hematocrit and platelet count along with the clinical status has to be done till the patient recovers using a routine Complete blood count (CBC).
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