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Blood Sugar Post Lunch

About the test
What is this test done for?
To detect the levels of sugar called glucose in the blood, 2 hours after the person has had lunch to screen for diabetes.
Why is it Done?
Diabetes mellitus can be diagnosed with the help of this test along with fasting blood glucose test.
When should it be performed?

It is performed in persons with the following conditions:

  • To diagnose diabetes in persons with -obesity, sedentary lifestyle, Family history of diabetes, women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome, fatigue, sudden unexplained weight loss/gain.
  • To monitor levels in already diabetic person, so as to assess the effectiveness of ongoing treatment.
How is it done
Blood sample is collected from a vein the arm 2 hours after meal consumption. Person taking this test is advised to include routine foods in the lunch and to avoid eating less or more than usual.
Post lunch blood glucose levels:
  • Glucose level less than 140mg/dL indicates Normal
  • Glucose level from 140 to 199mg/dL indicates Pre diabetes
  • Glucose level equal to greater than 200 mg/dL indicates Diabetes
  • If the levels are high then it is considered as hyperglycemia and is a sign of diabetes.
  • If the levels are lower than the indicated normal range, it is seen in hypoglycemia in conditions like under functioning of pituitary or thyroid glands (hypopituitarisim, hypothyroidism respectively), starvation.
  • Normal levels also indicate good glycemic control with medicines, in case of diabetic patients under treatment with oral medication and/or insulin.
Other Tests
Urine glucose, HbA1C are other tests to be done to confirm and assess the course of diabetes.
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