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Hair Health: What Your Scalp Says About You?

Hair Health
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While the eyes are a window to our soul, ask hair experts, they will tell you that our hair or hair health is that window that provides a sneak peek into our overall health and well-being.

From time to time, our hair gives us many silent signs and we should pay attention to these, as they could be underlying reasons for something big! In most cases, these symptoms also indicate that you ought to bring about some changes in your diet and lifestyle.

If we have scared you, worry not! Here’s a curated list of some of these symptoms that will allow you to better control your overall hair health and well-being.

Greying of hair

Greying of hair doesn’t always mean that you are catching up on the age front. Many times, this condition is caused due to thyroid issues, anaemia, vitamin deficiency, and early signs of vitiligo.

Dry hair

Most of the times, dry hair is an indication that you are suffering from dehydration. To counter this situation, it’s best to up your water intake immediately and avoid the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners.

Hair loss

Losing some amount of hair each day is a regular phenomenon. But if you start to notice significant strands of hair on the pillow and bathroom sink, it’s time to take stock of the situation. In most cases, loss of hair is an indication of underlying stress. However, sometimes it also indicates the early occurrence of a hair infection. Many times, diabetes patients also experience the condition of hair loss and hair thinning. In some cases, women who are approaching menopause also experience hair breakage and hair loss.

Dull hair

Dull limp hair speaks volumes about your overall health. This condition primarily occurs when your body is experiencing a shortage of iron, protein, zinc and other essential vitamins.

Your hair is not growing

Shunted and slow hair growth indicates a lack of protein. When this happens, it’s probably time to add some protein-rich food to your diet.

The hair-ends are splitting

This condition, plain and simply indicates that you gift yourself a hair trim.

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