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Virat Kohli & Sunil Chettri Are Both Vegan! Should You Turn Vegan Too?

Virat Kohli & Sunil Chettri Are Both Vegan! Should You Turn Vegan Too? - PharmEasy
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Have you heard that the Indian Men’s Football captain Sunil Chettri and the Cricket captain Virat Kohli have both turned vegan? Are you wondering what veganism actually is? We have the answers for you and we can help you decide. Read on to know all about the benefits of vegan diet.

What is veganism?

This is a food philosophy that was born out of compassion for animals. Vegans do not want to exploit animals because they feel that animals too have rights. Moreover, vegans also believe that animal products are harmful to the body. 

So is ‘vegan’ just another word for vegetarian? No, veganism is not the same as vegetarianism. Vegetarians avoid animal meat. Vegans go a step further. They do not consume any product that comes from animals. That means not just animal meat but also dairy products like milk, butter, ghee, yogurt, cheese, ice cream and bee products like honey and chap-sticks made from beeswax.

What are the benefits of vegan diet?

Here are a few reasons that will help you decide if the vegan diet is something you want to adopt-

  • Reduced cancer risks

Since vegans steer clear of meat, their bodies are not exposed to the carcinogens that are present in red meat. Some medical experts also believe that dairy too contains cancer-causing matter.

  • Fewer chances of diabetes

Studies have found that a vegan lifestyle improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the possibility of getting diabetes. In fact, some studies have shown that giving up meat and dairy reverses high blood sugar. 

  • Elevates your mood

Another research has found that people who live on a vegan diet tend to be happier and more positive than their meat-eating counterparts. They are also less prone to anxiety and depression.


  • It’s good for your skin

A vegan diet is less processed than any other form of diet and is more natural. That means your skin will not break out into acne, nor will wrinkles and discolouration appear. Veganism also slows down skin ageing.

  • Helps you stay in shape

If elite athletes are embracing a vegan diet, doesn’t that mean it keeps you fit? Vegan foods keep your body mass index in check. More importantly, it does not allow fat to accumulate in your middle- visceral fat is dangerous for the heart.

Now that you know what the benefits of vegan diet are, you can choose to design your diet accordingly to reap its health benefits.

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