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Tissues Vs Handkerchief – What Would Your Skin Prefer?

Tissues Vs Handkerchief - What Would Your Skin Prefer? - PharmEasy
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In India, the high humidity levels can often leave you drenched in sweat – your body’s way of cooling itself. But, those sweaty patches are not just annoying but embarrassing as well. That’s why you need to always carry a handkerchief or tissues. Yet another time when you might need either of these is when you catch a cold or flu. But have you ever wondered which you should opt for? Both seem to do their jobs or mopping up a sweat or cleaning your runny nose, but is one better than the other?

What Are Tissues And Handkerchiefs?

Tissues are exceptionally soft papers that are exclusively designed for your tender skin. They originated way back in the 1920s. They can be used for wiping sweat, emptying the contents of your blocked nose and for sanitary purposes. 

Handkerchiefs are square pieces of cloth usually made from cotton whose sides are hemmed. Their use dates back to the middle ages. 

Does Your Skin Love Tissues Or Does It Need A Handkerchief?

The primary reason why doctors recommend using tissues, especially when you are under the weather, is because of a particular feature. Tissues can trap germs and bacteria. So when you blow your nose into it or wipe your sweat, it doesn’t allow the germs to spread. And another reason is that you dispose of the tissues right after use. So there is minimal contact between the sweat/phlegm and your hands. Similarly, you won’t leave traces of pathogens on everything you touch and they will not come into contact with someone else’s skin. 

Another reason your skin will love tissues is that they often come with pleasing fragrances that immediately revitalize your skin when it has been drained by the sun.

While handkerchiefs are good for a couple of wipes, you really shouldn’t use one when you will be out all day and sweating buckets. Once you pat your face or arms dry with a hanky, you fold it and immediately stuff it back into your bag or pockets. That means the hanky does not get the time to dry up. Over the course of the day, the moisture causes the germs to build up and when you use it again, the germs will be transferred to your skin. Using a hanky, again and again, is especially harmful when you’ve caught a cold. 

Conclusion –

It’s preferable to use tissues over handkerchiefs, which can be unsanitary and can make you susceptible to illnesses. 

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