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The Best New Year Resolutions To Start 2020 With!

The Best New Year Resolutions To Start 2020 With - PharmEasy
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The most exciting time of the year is here!

At the end of every year, we all have mixed emotions – we become reminiscent of the time we rejoiced and anxious about how we can mark a fresh beginning. It is the perfect time to learn from the mistakes of the previous year and create goals to make the next one even more enriching than the last. These goals, commonly called as new year resolutions, are the promises we make to ourselves that will help us better our way of living (If you actually do follow them!) 

Surveys have found that nearly 70% of new year resolutions are related to health. Others however are resolutions based on changing harmful lifestyle habits. 

We have put together a list of resolutions that you can go through to help make your new year healthy and rewarding.

  • Eat healthier and plan a diet

Is junk food a regular in your diet? Make a resolution to eat healthier this year. We know that it is crucial for the well being of our body and mind. Multiple studies have found that a good diet can prevent many chronic illnesses like high blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

How do you eat healthy? It’s simple, just eat-

  1. Lots of vegetables 
  2. Nuts and seeds
  3. Skimmed milk, yogurt and cheese
  4. Fruits
  5. Fatty fish which benefits the heart
  6. Lean meat. Avoid red meat as it is carcinogenic. 

What does eating healthy actually mean?

  1. Eating three proper meals at the right time. Complete your breakfast by 9 AM, your lunch by 12 PM and your dinner 2 hours before you go to bed.
  2. Eat small portions of food.
  3. Avoiding junk and processed foods.
  • Exercise more

No time to work out? It’s a fact that many of us can’t fit exercise in our daily routine. But the time you spend on working out is an investment for a healthy future. Like healthy eating, exercise too prevents illnesses like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, common cough and cold and many more. Thus, try to fit in a time frame in your busy schedule to work out – initially, make a resolution to find at least 30 minutes in the day to do it. 

If you can’t find time to exercise then innovate – get off your transport before you reach your destination and cover the last part of your journey on foot. You can also practice stretches at your office desk to stay fit – or even include playing sports like table tennis in your day. 


  • Inculcate a habit of saving

Can’t stop splurging on things you don’t need? You should adopt the resolution- “I will try to save more – be frugal and economical in my purchases.”

In the age of digital marketing, we are frequently bombarded by flashy advertisements that induce us to purchase unnecessary things, which we may never use or even require. This way we end up depleting our savings. But it is vital to save money for future contingencies by investing your savings wisely. 

Here are a few ways you can make yourself save more-

  1. Next time you feel the urge to buy something, ask yourself, “Do I really need it?” 
  2. Another trick is to hold off the purchase for a few days. This gives you ample time to reflect and determine if it is a necessary purchase.
  • Learn a new skill or hobby

Take up martial arts, rowing or learn to play a musical instrument. You can also enroll yourself in a drama club or take culinary lessons. A new hobby is a good way to beat stress, make new friends and enrich yourself.


  • Quit smoking and alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol do a lot of damage to many of the organs of the body like the lungs, trachea, liver, kidneys, etc. So promise yourself to kick these habits out of your life this year. Make achievable goals like reducing the influence per day and slowly get rid of it completely!

  • Spend more time with family and friends

Family and friends are our support system, they make our lives meaningful. Spending more time with them will boost your psychological and emotional well being. Make to resolution to spare time for them this year. 

We often don’t stick to our New Year’s resolutions. But you can avert that by making a realistic plan of action that is easy to follow. Make the coming year a happy, healthy and productive one by forming well thought out new year resolutions, but most importantly, make sure that you see them through!

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