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PM Narendra Modi’s thoughts on taking Antibiotics without Prescription

Mann Ki Baat-Antibiotics
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Self medication has been a growing problem off- late. While some argue saying that it provides relief when in pain, in the long run it is advised to never take antibiotics without doctor’s prescription.

One of the key points put forth by PM Narendra Modi in his radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ was that- Self-medication in the use of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance. This voice for concern is much needed as India is now facing an alarming increase in the number of devastating reports on drug addiction menace.

The government is taking all the steps needed to make sure the citizens of this country buy medications only with a valid prescription in support.

As per a PLOS Medicine study, about 58,000 neonatal deaths is attributed to sepsis resistant to first-generation antibiotics. PM Modi says that the government is committed to stop antibiotic resistance. As an initiative starter, every antibiotic medicine strips now have a red line to warn you.

Describing it as a socio-medical problem, the best way to curb the menace is by ensuring that family, friends, society, government and the law work together to fight it. Antibiotic-resistant infections are a fast growing problem and the only way to curb the problem is to ensure that we use antibiotics wisely and only when necessary.

Read more about the dangers of self medication here:

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Another key issue pointed out by the prime minister is that we take completion of anti-biotic dosage very seriously. It is very important for a patient to complete the entire course of medication as prescribed by the doctor. Treatments cannot be left halfway because of signs of improvement in the condition. By doing so we are only helping the bacteria get more sturdy and difficult to treat.

Incomplete antibiotic dosage can have lethal repercussions and can do your body more harm than you think you are saving yourself from, by cutting down your antibiotic consumption. Here’s a blog explaining why it is essential to complete your prescribed antibiotic dose-

Antibiotics: Importance of Completing Prescribed Dosage

As citizens of this country, it is important for us to value and celebrate our rights to access good healthcare and not exploit it. We at PharmEasy, aim to join hands with this initiative to help raise awareness about the perils of self medication and importance of completing dosage. We promise to deliver medicines to the people at FLAT 20% OFF only on a valid prescription and will continue to help spread awareness about the dangers of self medication.

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