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PharmEasy’s Virtual Offsite 1.0

PharmEasy's Virtual Offsite 1.0 - PharmEasy
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Yes, that’s a million dollar picture capturing the happy PharmEasy family! And the collage gives you a beautiful glimpse into PharmEasy’s Virtual Offsite 1.0.

When the COVID -19 pandemic hit us, the employees based at our corporate offices started working from home to stay safe and secure. After a month, we realized that the communication level amongst the team members had fallen due to less face time, along with a reduction in the morale possibly due to a lack of social interactions!

At PharmEasy, employees are at the core of our existence. Considering the points that we observed, the HR team decided to do something about it. We designed virtual offsite initiatives to help employees connect outside of work. The offsite was designed to take the stress off the employees and to keep their spirits up during the lockdown period. 

What is Virtual Offsite 1.0 all about?

Virtual Offsite is an initiative aimed at bringing teams closer together through team building activities, games and much more. As a way of spreading positivity during this lockdown, we helped employees connect through virtual offsite.

A virtual offsite is a one-hour fun-filled video call session where we engage our employees with exciting games and activities, letting the team reconnect and bond in these difficult times. We aim to not only bring the teams closer together but also help them beat the monotony and inertness.

Here’s what we did!

We conducted a series of such offsites and engaged our employees at the corporate offices. We started off with our ice-breaker session of two truths and a lie asking our employees to guess the lying statement followed by a treasure hunt wherein we gave some clues and asked employees to guess the items and send us their selfie with it. 

Post that we had a fun-filled tongue twister, guess the brand, Bollywood buzz and complete the story game. All these games required team coordination and communication.

The event was a great stress buster for the teams and was very different from any other event ever conducted in the organization.

The amazing participation of the teams made this Virtual Offsite 1.0 a grand success!

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