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On Prolonged Medication? PharmEasy has a Bliss Called ‘Refill’ for You!

Refills is a Bliss
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Did you know that approximately 80% of patients occasionally miss their medicine dose?

People often take missing medicine doses lightly. However, missing a dose can lower the therapeutic effects of the medicine for the disease or worse, have ever-lasting side effects.

PharmEasy has a wonderful solution for you!


At PharmEasy, India’s leading online pharmacy aggregator, we have been Refilling medicines for thousands regularly. So, while we help patients and customers buy medicine online from the comfort of their home, we have a solution to the problem of ‘missing medicine dosage’ as well.

With our Refills feature, you not just get your medicines delivered to your doorstep, you almost get your caretaker, i.e. with Refills, you need not worry about stepping out of your home to go to your local pharmacy to purchase medicines, Refills does that for you!

In short – We Remind, we Refill, you Relax!

But, what is this Refill?

Simply put, you do not have to go through the hassle of repeatedly ordering your medicines each time. Once you have uploaded your prescription on the PharmEasy app, you can subscribe to the Refills feature by clicking on ‘Auto Refills.’ Here you can create a refill with your existing prescription. You can choose your medicines, their quantities and of course, the delivery interval.

You can schedule medicine delivery for every 15 days, 30, days, 45 days or 60 days. What’s more, once you sign up for Refill, for the next time, we send you notifications as reminders to schedule a Refill.

All you need to do is to:

-Tap on the notification

-Confirm quantity

-Get your medicines

Too busy to notice the notification?

In the case you do not respond to the notifications, you will receive a call from our Refill representative to confirm your order.

And no, it doesn’t end here!

You can modify your Refill if you have excess medicines. If the doctor has changed your medications, you can either get the new medicine added to your existing Refill or you can create another Refill with a new prescription. Also, if you are travelling or are unavailable for the scheduled Refill delivery, you can skip the same.

So, SUBSCRIBE for your FREE Refill today and never run out of medicines!

Enrol into Refills through the ‘Auto Refills’ section on the app.


Ask our customer representative on call to create a Refill for you at 07666100300


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