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IPL 2020 – Here’s How This Action Packed Tournament Can Benefit Your Mental Health!

IPL 2020 – Here’s How This Action Packed Tournament Can Benefit Your Mental Health! - PharmEasy
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Cricket lovers across India have already begun to rejoice now that the IPL 2020 has started. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic reared its head during the initial phase of the year, every trace of normalcy in people’s lives has vanished since then.

Thanks to the IPL, there is something to look forward to in these gloomy times. The massive sixes, stumps being uprooted, acrobatic catches to the high decibel commentary are going to keep us hooked to our TV sets while we cheer for our favourite cricketers and teams.

What does it mean for our mental health?

Right from March end or the beginning of April until now, the most important thing in our minds was safety from COVID-19. All that figured in our minds was the mental anxiety and stress about the health of our loved ones and ourselves.

While the stress and anxiety will still exist, we will have something engaging, the IPL in this case, to shift our focus to going forward.

After all, the past few months have taken a toll on the mental health of many. The fear of COVID-19 has been a constant in our minds. And in general, there wasn’t much to look forward as the pandemic brought our normal life to a standstill. From closure of schools, parks to movie halls, there was hardly any source of fun and entertainment.

The IPL has changed that. Although we may not be able to physically attend these matches like we used to, watching them on TV or elsewhere is still a major stress buster.

Here are a few ways in which IPL can help improve our mental health –

1. Uplift your spirits

Watching our favourite batsman or bowler perform for their teams is surely going to lift our spirits up. The anticipation that is a part of a cricket match will keep us engaged.

2. Unwind and relax

If you have been working from home then IPL matches are just what you need. After a hard day’s work, grab some healthy snacks, turn the TV on and relax on the couch while enjoying the match. This will help you unwind, relax and rejuvenate the mind.


3. Say bye to stress

The matches on TV will provide entertainment value and help you take your mind off stressful things like COVID-19.

4. Have something to look forward to

Other than COVID-19!! This is a big advantage. The last few months, only thing that kept our minds active was COVID-19 and everything to do with it. Finally, there is something else that we can look forward to.

While we enjoy these fun laden weeks of IPL to soothe our minds, let us not let our guard down against COVID-19. Ensure that you follow the necessary safety measures to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Stay entertained. Stay safe.

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