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How Strategy Team Carries Out Their Daily Work At PharmEasy?

How Strategy Team Carries Out Their Daily Work At PharmEasy?
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The ‘Strategy’ team at PharmEasy is a key link between various stakeholders in the organization, both internal and external. It is the think tank, which serves an internal investment banking and consulting division with three major responsibilities – (a) fund-raising and investor relations, (b) performance improvement and help teams solve business challenges and (c) market intelligence and keeping the organization updated with the latest know-how in the industry.

From a two-member team back in 2018, the strategy team has now grown to a 5 member team that comprises of IIT engineers, MBAs, CFAs and former investment bankers and management consultants with expertise across operations, product management and corporate finance. For a start-up that’s growing at a lightning-fast pace like that of PharmEasy, the environment is extremely dynamic and it’s constantly about disruption and reinventing the wheel, that’s where the strategy team helps serve as a lighthouse for the organization, a beacon to help the organization stay on course of its mission and vision.

A typical week for the strategy team looks like brainstorming with founders on some key initiatives and challenges, having a weekly catch-up meeting of the top management to discuss the general progress of the business and new developments in each function, working on our individual projects for respective departments, crunching some data for analyses, meeting out a few investor requests and understanding what are the new happenings in the market. While all work and no play would make Strategy a dull place to work in, but our team isn’t as nerdy as it sounds, since all of our work happens amidst frequent foosball, table tennis and blackjack games because after all it is ‘Take it Easy, PharmEasy’, right.

Further, it is essential that we aim to be extremely approachable and fungible so that teams can reach out to us with their problem statements and we can help evaluate things from a macro perspective to provide solution which would work in the best interest of the business. Overall, it’s a challenging yet fun role, that allows us to work across the length and breadth of the organization and make the right use of our intellect, experience and creativity while constantly learning and growing through the process!

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Krutarth Shah

I have been associated with PharmEasy for over a year now and it’s been a fun roller-coaster journey! Previously, I worked as a management consultant and a social entrepreneur and I am a graduate in finance and a CFA.
I am a tech enthusiast who is an ardent sports fan, loves reading and watching movies, who is also deeply passionate about social service and been an active volunteer at multiple NGOs for the past 10 years.

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