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Tips For A Hearty And Healthy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Health Tips
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Healthy Valentine’s Day

“Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you”- but it is equally important to keep that heart healthy to spend your life together. The month of February marks the start of the celebration for Valentine’s Day. We look for unique ways to spend our time with our loved ones. This Year why not consider “Valentine’s- the healthy way!” Love comes in various forms and every kind of it wishes only the best for you. To love someone starts with wishing them great health; and if you want to make this Valentine’s Day special for that one person who has not only brought love in your life but also a plethora of happiness but confused on how to go about it, then don’t fret. Here are a few suggestions you can consider:

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy this Valentine’s Day

  1. Sweat together: Starting your morning with a small morning walk or yoga and exercise session together can be a good start to your valentine’s day and an even better step towards your good health. Working out together increases the enthusiasm to work more and it increases affection for your partner. Replace a bouquet of flowers with fitness accessories such as yoga mat, fitness band, heart rate monitor or set of kettlebells for your health-conscious partner.
  2. Eat Healthily: Start your day with a healthy breakfast which may include boiled eggs, omelet, oats, beans salad, juice, smoothies. Label Fruits e.g. “you are the apple of my eyes”, “I go bananas over you” etc.
  3. Love Notes: There is a reason that these love letters are still trending in the digital era; Gift your loved one’s handwritten letters and notes. Compliment them and show them affection. It is scientifically proven that couples who show affection and care to each other, tend to last longer. A poem that can describe your feelings or hand-made album with all the memories covered within or handmade greeting is any day better than any shop-purchased gifts.
  4. Gift a Spa/Massage: If you are planning to de-stress the love of your life; then gifting them a spa or massage session can be the best option to consider. Check out for various options available and do a little research work and let your partner feel pampered.
  5. Cook Together: When you’ve both put in the effort while cooking, it gives a sense of satisfaction to share a meal together, and it doesn’t hurt to be able to compliment each other’s cooking to get the mood just right. Cook heart-healthy lunches and dinners. Replace your cake with pancakes or healthy bars or pudding. Avoid Junk.
  6. Spend quality time together: Although being a cheesy concept, one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones is your time. You may also plan to serve the community which is good for mental health and brings you closer as a couple. Spend time with them; learn about each other’s daily schedule or just re-arrange your closet and if you can’t think of anything then give them an open-ended voucher and let the recipient choose what they’d love to do. Keep your phones away…..do something that goes beyond getting a few “likes” on Social Media.
  7. Create memories: You can create new memories by reading books together or going cycling or playing in-door or outdoor games that help you get close to each other. Indulge in a game of chess, go out for bowling; do at least one activity that both of you love.
  8. Get Adventurous: Go hiking together or on a trek; be ready to get out of your comfort zone and try something new just to make them happy and conquer your fears and increase the energy for yourself too. Plan an outdoor activity such as spending time on the beach or any other adventurous activity.

A non-traditional and healthy gift and plan can show that you truly care and that you have put a thought into your partner’s enjoyment, health, and happiness. You don’t even have to spend a huge amount of money. Imagine how thrilled they’ll be when you pack them their favorite lunch with a heartfelt note or cook food together. That joy is certainly irreplaceable.


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