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Benefits of Laughter: Laugh Your Way Into A Long And Healthy Life!

Laughing is good for health
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Laughter is the most delightful sound in the world. Humans have been laughing since before they learned how to talk. Apart from conveying to people that you’re in a jubilant mood, there are also many health benefits of laughter. Read on to know why you will live longer if you break into frequent peals of laughter.

1. Laughing relieves stress

You might have experienced it plenty of times yourself. Once you give in to a belly laugh, you will see your worries miraculously disappear. This is because laughter counteracts stress hormones such as cortisol. The more you laugh, the more your stress levels will drop.

Stress is something that our lifestyles will not allow you to escape. But, it is at the root of a tonne of disorders and can even prove to be fatal. So, to win the war against stress, laugh!

 2. Lowers Blood Pressure

If you have a case of hypertension, then laughter is a necessity. There have been plenty of studies that have proven beyond doubt that laughter can drag down your pressure. And in fact, if you laugh frequently and throughout the day, your blood pressure will stabilize.

 3. Protects your Heart

Another advantage of laughter is that it is a great workout for your heart. So, even if you can’t squeeze in time for an intense exercise schedule, make time for some laughter because it’s an excellent form of cardio. It makes your heart beat faster and pump more blood. Laughter boosts blood circulation and thus cleans out arteries of all plaque. A good laugh is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your heart in prime condition.

  4. Strengthens your T Cells

T Cells are the bedrock of your immunity. They are responsible for hunting down bacterial or viral cells that may trigger an illness. Your laughter activates these cells and this is how the simple and effortless act of laughing can bolster your immunity and help you fight off diseases.

 5. It will make you happy

A heartfelt guffaw not only eradicates stress but also goes a step further and actually makes you happy. Laughter signals the brain to release endorphins- the happy hormone. Endorphins not only promote a feel-good feeling but they can relieve chronic pain.

  6. Kills Belly Fat

While laughter cannot be an alternative to exercise, it does its part in the fight against obesity– a killer. When you laugh, your tummy muscles contract and expand. This is a very effective tummy-trimming workout.

Laughter is one activity that has absolutely no adverse impact on your health. So, go on, laugh your heart out and stay healthy.

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