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Give Your Digestion A Boost During Monsoon With Ayurveda!

Give Your Digestion A Boost During Monsoon With Ayurveda! - PharmEasy
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Monsoon has reached all parts of India. It is showering at varying degrees throughout the country. Everyone loves the rainy season because it brings respite from the terrible heat of summer!

But there is a huge downside to the monsoon season. You may have noticed that a number of digestive issues crop up when this season rolls in. It happens to us all. So what is the link between monsoon season and digestion? And is there a safe and Ayurvedic way you can deal with it? Read on to know more-

The link between digestion and monsoon

The humid weather during monsoon makes your entire digestive system sluggish. If your digestive organs like stomach, pancreas and small intestine are not working at their peak, problems like gas, acidity, bloating and the constant feeling of fullness arise. None of these conditions is pleasant!

And since monsoon is when you feel like binging on snacks, the problems intensify because fast foods, sweets and snacks are merciless on your digestive system.

Ayurveda believes that vata is aggravated during this season and pitta too accumulates. The two need to be balanced for digestion to occur well.

So what should you do about your slow digestion? We will discuss 6 simple tips known that are sure to banish all your digestion woes.

1. Include ghee in your food

Cow ghee is a valuable food in Ayurveda. Butyrate acid in ghee is anti-inflammatory. So if your guts are causing you problems then ghee will help. Ghee stimulates the digestive juices and helps your body absorb nutrients. It is very effective in curbing gut inflammation. It will also ease constipation by smoothening colon muscles and increasing their contractility. That is why you should also consume half a teaspoon of ghee before every meal.

2. Boost digestion with Everherb Digestion Support Tablets 

Is there a herbal health supplement that will immediately solve all digestion problems? Yes, all you need are Everherb Digestion Support Tablets containing the potent powers of 11 famous Ayurvedic herbs with carminative, anti-oxidative, bowel-cleansing, liver-shielding and digestion-boosting properties. These tablets are completely natural and safe and can cure common digestive ailments such as indigestion, constipation and acidity. Consume Everherb Digestion Support Tablets regularly for a strong digestive system.


3. Ginger: the ever-reliable Ayurvedic wonder-food

For any digestive problem, ginger should be your go-to food. Ginger increases secretion of saliva, bile and gastric juices. It helps your body rapidly break down food and assimilate the nutrients. It can also fight gastric inflammation and is an excellent remedy for an upset stomach.

Consume a small portion of grated ginger with a dash of rock salt first thing before each meal. Many people experience heartburn when they consume raw ginger. Rock salt prevents that.


4. Food with high water content will help

Ayurveda encourages the consumption of natural foods. And the kind of foods that will help your digestion is water-laden fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes, apples, citrus fruits, watermelons, strawberries etc.  These foods keep you hydrated. Water helps with the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. It also moistens your bowels and ensures easy passage of stool.

5. Be careful about your diet

To take it easy on your digestion, you should choose carefully what you eat. Foods like rice, barley, wheat, pulses or green gram in the form of freshly cooked meals will help. Avoid uncooked vegetables because they may contain bacteria if left exposed to the monsoon air, which can trigger further digestion problems.

Other foods you must avoid during the rainy season are leafy vegetables, meat and curd. These foods slow your digestion down. If you want, you can consume buttermilk instead of curd.  

6. Lifestyle changes to improve your digestion

Ayurveda also suggests you skip day-time naps because they slow down both digestion and metabolism. 

Too much stress or sun exposure in the afternoon too is detrimental to your digestive health. 

Keep yourself warm because if you are not, then your body becomes more susceptible to bacterial or viral attacks. Do not enter a room cooled by an AC if your clothes or hair are wet. Keep your feet dry at all times. 

Your digestion is delicate during the monsoon. So give it a helping hand with Ayurveda’s remedies!

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