9 Foods That Are Worst For Your Belly

Foods That Are Worst For Your Belly
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The worst kind of fat is the fat that sits around your belly. Research says that it is visceral. The belly fat is bad for your digestive system, causes inflammation, makes you put on weight and harms the good bacteria that are present in your gut. Belly fat is a precursor to heart problems and hypertension. Also, it is the hardest to lose. It sticks to your body like glue, and you cannot shake it off. Take a look at some of the foods that are worst for your belly.

Potato Chips: Potato is good for you, potato chips not so much. Research says it is the worst food for your stomach fat. Full of saturated fat, calories, and unhealthy salt levels plus they offer no satiety signals. So a handful of crisps become a bag of chips that you empty without a thought and you still want to eat something more.  

Diet Cold Drinks: If there is something worse than sodas, it is their cousins, the diet sodas. Not only do they add to a wider circumference, but they are also bad for your heart and digestion. Full of unhealthy additives, the diet cold drinks fake the impression of health making one eat more.

Pizza: This one is a heartbreaker. Yes, pizza is bad for you. It is full of saturated fat and is made of refined flour and cheese which are very low in the health index. Go for whole-wheat, homemade pizza and avoid adding cheese if you can.

French Fries: Another avatar of potato that sits snugly on our bellies and is terrible for our health is French fries. Any carbohydrate that is fried is death on a plate, but French fries are by far the worst.

Fatty Red Meat: There are certain kinds of meat that should be banned from the dining table. Fatty, red meat adds to the abdominal circumference and leads to obesity. So pass over that rib-eye steak for some fish or chicken.

Fruit Juice: Fruit is good so fruit juice should be too, right? You are wrong. All the things that made fruit good for you are absent in the juice. Fibre is lost in juicing fruits. The packaged juices are much worse as they have added sugar and preservatives.

Refined Foods: Bagels, doughnuts, bread, pasta, cereals, and pretzels are all wrong for your gut. They add to the abdominal fat and spoil the body’s internal balance. Plus they are calorie-dense.

Unhealthy Fat: Foods with saturated and trans fats are immensely harmful to the body. Packaged, processed and refined food items are full of this unhealthy fat. Even refined oil is bad for your belly and your heart.

Artificial Sweeteners: No, they aren’t as healthy as they are touted to be. They are carcinogenic and add the pounds without really changing anything. Go sugar-free or switch to more natural forms of sweeteners.

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