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EverHerb Garlic Capsules – The Immunity Booster You Need!

By Dr. Nikita Toshi +2 more

Just like soldiers wear full-body armour before heading off to war, your health too needs complete protection. While bullets and shrapnel threaten the lives of soldiers, health complications might imperil yours.

So how do you shield your health from illnesses? Of the many things you can do, today we will discuss just one super-effective way to protect your overall health. EverHerb Garlic Capsules are formulated with top-quality, organically-grown garlic extracts that are 100% pure. These capsules provide powerful protection for your body, especially your heart.

EverHerb Garlic Capsules - The Immunity Booster You Need! - PharmEasy

Why you need EverHerb Garlic Capsules

EverHerb Garlic Capsules take an Ayurvedic approach to preventing many health complications. Garlic extracts contain a powerful plant compound called allicin that can amp up your bodily functions in many ways. These capsules are also enriched with the goodness of vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium and antioxidants that multiply the effect of allicin to safeguard your health.

Here are a few reasons why you need EverHerb Garlic Capsules

1. Enhanced heart function

  One primary cause of heart problems is oxidative stress. Free radicals are oxygen molecules with unpaired electrons that wreak havoc in your body. They are particularly dangerous for your heart as they can affect your heart’s productivity.

But with EverHerb Garlic Capsules, you can prevent oxidative damage. Garlic contains allicin, an antioxidant. It gives an electron to a free radical to neutralize it. In this state, they can no longer harm your heart. Consume these capsules to keep your heart fit.


2. Healthy and flexible arteries

Your health depends on the state of your arteries because pure and oxygenated blood is conveyed to all parts of the body through them. If plaque (cholesterol) develops, then many things will go wrong.

  When cholesterol lodges itself in your arteries, your body marshals white blood cells in response and sends them to the arteries to trap the cholesterol. This causes inflammation (an immunity function) and a sheath to form around the cholesterol.

But in the process, the artery walls become thick and inflexible. This condition is called atherosclerosis and it can be fatal.

Garlic can prevent this disorder by reducing inflammatory markers and lowering your blood’s LDL (bad cholesterol). Allicin also prevents the formation of plaque. This keeps the arteries smooth and flexible and allows blood to flow easily through them.

3. Keep a check on your blood pressure

Development of bad cholesterol along the wall of your artery is the primary cause of high blood pressure. And you may have heard that high blood pressure is a magnet for other health complications such as coronary diseases, enlarged heart, liver damage, impairment of cognitive abilities, etc.

But you can drastically reduce your chances of contracting these illnesses if you keep an eye on your blood pressure and EverHerb Garlic Capsules can help with that.

Garlic extracts can increase your body’s production of nitric oxide, which allows your muscles to relax, and your blood vessels to dilate. Constricted blood vessels cause high blood pressure. But once they expand, more blood can flow through them to flow to all parts of your body. Consume EverHerb Garlic Capsules every day for improved blood supply and stable blood pressure.


4. No more fearing a stroke or pulmonary embolism

What causes a stroke? It happens when a blood clot travels to your brain. Blood clot develops when a piece of your arterial plaque comes loose. If it heads to the brain, it disrupts blood supply, which your brain needs to carry out its tasks. This is when a stroke happens.

Blood clots can also reach your lungs and trigger a pulmonary embolism.

But with EverHerb Garlic Capsules, you can prevent blood clots from developing. Firstly, garlic extracts do not allow plaque to form. Secondly, garlic acts as a blood thinner which dilutes blood clots.

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5. Feel strong and energized all-day

EverHerb Garlic Capsules contain vitamin B that boost your metabolism. A robust metabolism translates to a constant supply of energy throughout the day. It also means an end to all the digestion issues that make us miserable. Magnesium increases your muscle strength and vitamin C bolsters your immunity to prevent infections, inflammation and allergies.  


Take EverHerb Garlic Capsules every day to feel the difference in your body in just a few days. These capsules work on every aspect of your health to keep you healthy and fit.  



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