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EverHerb Amla Capsules – The Secret To A Strong Immunity!

EverHerb Amla Capsules - The Secret To A Strong Immunity! - PharmEasy
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What if we told you that there was one miraculous solution for all your health woes? Usher your health with the humble amla or the Indian Gooseberry! This locally-grown fruit possesses miraculous healing powers thanks to its rich reserves of vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, iron, calcium, fibre and other nutrients. 

So how can you incorporate the incredible amla into your diet? Try the Everherb Amla capsules. The Ayurvedic EverHerb Amla Capsules are 100% natural and contain high-quality amla extracts. The herbal ingredients used are safe for consumption. 

Change your life with EverHerb Amla Capsules

1. Boosts your Immunity

Since EverHerb Amla Capsules are loaded with vitamin C- the most efficient immunity booster, incorporating it in your daily life helps you to fight infections and stay disease-free. If you constantly suffer from cold and cough, you must try the capsules to rid yourself of the sneezes once and for all! 


2. Answers your prayer for luscious hair

The EverHerb Amla Capsule is a boon for those who crave strong, healthy tresses. Not only does it improve hair texture but also stimulates hair follicles for better growth. Moreover, it reduces hair fall, dandruff and premature greying.  So give the story of your crowning glory a happy ending with the Everherb Amla Capsules!

3. Gives your skin that gorgeous glow

The Everherb Amla Capsule is a skincare essential for those who want to get their glow on. It prevents skin damage due to oxidative stress and transforms skin from lackluster to luminous so you can shine bright like the star you are! 


4. Gifts you with better vision

The carotene in the EverHerb Amla Capsule enhances your vision. Studies show that amla can decrease cataract, reduce intraocular tension (excess eye pressure) and prevent reddening, itchiness and watering of your peepers. Now isn’t that a real eye-opener for you? 

5. Purifies your blood

The Everherb Amla Capsule increases your haemoglobin level and your RBC count- so that your blood is purified due to better oxygen supply. Hence the capsule is a pure and effective antidote to all the toxins that we are exposed to in today’s pollution and pesticide filled lifestyle. 

6. Helps with your weight loss goals

If a fit body is your need, then the Everherb Amla Capsule is your friend indeed. The capsule boosts your metabolism to burn calories more effectively. 


7. Aids in Digestion

Constipated much? The Everherb Amla capsule will turn your frown upside down if things have been a bit sluggish lately. The fibre-rich capsule regularizes your bowel movement and relieves constipation. 

Incorporate the Everherb Amla Capsules in your diet today! With so many benefits, you’re going to love the transformation it gives your health, beauty and life! 

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