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Enfagrow+: Nutrition For Children’s Robust And Speedy Brain Development!

Enfagrow+: Nutrition For Children’s Robust And Speedy Brain Development! - PharmEasy
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Bringing a baby into the world can be the most exhilarating experience of your life. But it is also associated with a lot of responsibilities. Why? Because the baby is helpless and dependent on you for every little thing-from feeding, bathing to safety and security.

As a parent, you have to ensure that your little one is getting the right nutrition so that he/she can grow into a healthy individual. The brain development of your baby is something you need to pay extra attention to. 

Read on to know why-

The 2-6 year period is crucial for critical brain development in children.

Did you know that a baby is born with 5% of the bodyweight of an adult while its brain has completed significant growth & development?

But, in the next few years, the brain grows to 300% of its size at birth and is fully developed by the age of 6. In fact, 95% of the adult brain growth is attained by the age of 6.


That means vital brain activities like sensory abilities, language & higher cognitive development start within this time span.

That is why, during this phase, the rapidly growing brain requires DHA and other key nutrients to support the expansion of IMEC skills.

Why does a child need DHA?

DHA is a key nutrient that helps improve learning abilities in a child and can shape his/her future academic performance. Here are a few reasons why your child must receive a constant supply of DHA-

  • It plays an important role in neuronal growth, synaptic processing, development of neural cells, gene-regulating cell differentiation and growth.
  • It regulates structure, fluidity and functioning of brain membranes.
  • It helps in enhanced visual functioning.
  • It supports the immune function in growing children and plays a role in the body’s resistance to infections and other disorders of the immune system.

DHA accumulates in the frontal cortex of the brain responsible for higher functions such as memory, language and emotions. During brain growth and development, DHA accumulates in the grey matter.

Do children get the DHA they need from their regular diet?

No, children are unable to obtain adequate DHA from their diet because the metabolic conversion of ALA to DHA is limited to 0.2% in children. The dietary DHA intake among children is low and well below the recommended daily intake levels.

What should be done?

 Since children’s diets may not provide them with sufficient amounts of DHA, they will require nutritional supplementation to bolster brain development. Feed your child Enfagrow A+. This nutrition-enriched milk powder is loaded with DHA, choline, Iodine, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin B and other nutrients handpicked for their ability to support brain development in growing children.


Enfagrow A+ also contains prebiotics, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, all of which are crucial for your child’s immunity. On top of that, protein, calcium, Vitamin D, phosphorus and magnesium support the child’s physical development.  

Give your child Enfagrow+ from today for rapid brain and physical growth and watch your little one develop into a smart, healthy and strong individual!

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