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End World Hunger This International Food Day!

End World Hunger This International Food Day! - PharmEasy
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On 16th October, the International Food Day, nations and organizations from across the world will meet to target a problem that continues to claim more lives than war – Hunger. We have increased our food production but the menace of hunger and malnutrition continues to persist. If you too are horrified by the growing ranks of famished and homeless people, then you can actually do your part and help in solving world hunger.

Here are some things you can do –

 1. Donate food this world food day –

You may have heard that there are quite a few organisations and student bodies that accept donations of food items that are relatively non-perishable such as grains, oil and certain vegetables and foods. They are then distributed among those who are in need of food. So next time you buy your groceries, purchase a little more than you need and give it away.

Many restaurants and food stores have embraced a new trend. Did you know that restaurants often throw away perfectly good food that was prepared in excess at the end of the day? But many of them have woken up to the fact that is a dreadful waste especially at a time when there are so many hungry mouths to feed. So they pack up the food and give it away. You can start a volunteer service that collects these food parcels to deliver them to the needy. Or you can convince your nearest eatery to give away the extra food.

 2. Volunteer at soup kitchens –

Every city organises soup kitchens- a place where food, usually one-pot meals like ‘khichdi’, is prepared and then distributed among the impoverished people. You can donate grains, legumes and vegetables. If possible help the organisers prepare the meals. 

 3. Monetary aid –

You can, of course, donate money to charity organisations that have pledged to end hunger. Every rupee counts for something. Your money will be utilized to buy food for the less-privileged. But before you donate, do some thorough background research. There are plenty of sham organisations whose intention is to scam you out of your money.

 4. Become responsible for a hungry family –

Chances are you pass by a destitute family as you travel to and from your house. They might be a family that dwells on the pavement or in a shantytown. While we are not suggesting that you shoulder their monthly dietary expenses, but you can help ensure that the children (who are more susceptible to malnutrition) do not go without meals for days. You can buy a kilo of rice/wheat and some vegetables, legumes and soy products for them. Maybe your neighbours will be inspired by you and start donating food to similar families. This is how you can help end hunger locally.

 5. Talk to your colleagues –

You can rope in your colleagues to form a group and collect funds and give them to an NGO who delivers food to the needy.

World hunger can be ended only if each one of us wakes up to the fact that we can’t just take but we have to give too. Pledge your support to eradicate hunger this International Food Day.

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