Diet Or Exercise – Which One Should I Focus On For A Healthy Weight Loss?

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Commitment is the integral requirement to achieve healthy weight loss. The aspect of maintaining a healthy diet is also important to cut calories and achieve your weight loss goals. Read on to know whether a weight loss workout plan or a controlled diet plan is better for losing weight.

How Does Weight Loss Work? 

Weight loss for your body is dependent on two major factors. They are calorie intake and energy expenditure. The food you eat is used up by the body to provide energy and the rest is stored as fat. When the body is spending less energy concerning the number of calories that are being consumed through food, the body starts storing more fat leading to its accumulation in the body.

Weight loss is achieved when there is a calorie deficit in your body. This means that your body is expending more calories than the amount that you are consuming. A daily diet plan for weight loss and an exercise regime can both help you achieve a calorie deficit. A daily calorie deficit of 500 – 100 Kcal can help you lose 0.5 kg to 1 kg within a week. The key to weight loss is the combination of a good diet plan and burning calories through exercise. Remember we have to cut down on calories and not on the daily nutritional requirements for a healthy weight loss.

Let us look into how each of these methods can help you lose weight.

The Benefits of Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercising is one of the cornerstones of anyone’s weight loss journey. Exercise is helpful for helping you shed out those calories in a literal sense. 

When you engage in any physical activity you increase the metabolic rate of your body which helps you burn calories. Exercise is very crucial if you are starting your weight loss journey. Performing aerobic activities is one of the best workouts to lose weight. If you include even 30 minutes of low or moderately paced aerobic exercise in your daily routine, you will be able to burn a significant amount of calories. You can include easy aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, jogging or light running to your daily routine.

Hitting the gym for weight loss is a very effective weight loss plan if you plan on losing weight and conditioning your body to become fitter. Strength training in the gym is one of the best exercises to burn fat. Training in the gym helps you build up your metabolic rate such that you burn calories faster. It also helps you build muscle mass and tone your body.

Exercises for weight loss need not necessarily involve a rigorous schedule. A daily habit of moderate to light exercising can help you reduce weight gradually. The key is to start light and gradually increase the intensity of exercises once you get accustomed to a schedule.

The Benefits of a Healthy Diet for Weight Loss

Weight loss is heavily dependent on the number of calories that you consume throughout the day. Unhealthy eating habits is one of the major causes of weight-related disorders like obesity. It is also easier to keep a track of your calorie intake than burn the number of calories you consume to achieve a calorie deficit.

You are what you eat. Your body reacts to the food you consume and this is why a meal plan for weight loss is crucial if you want to lose weight. The consumption of processed food high in calories or the exclusion of nutrient-rich food in your diet can affect the weight of your body. 

If you plan on losing weight then you should curate a diet plan for weight loss. Being mindful about your food and making healthy food choices leads to better absorption of food by your body. Eating protein-rich and nutrient-rich food helps your body metabolism function better. The inclusion of fibre is very important if you want to lose weight.

Get in touch with a nutritionist or keep a close watch on what you eat throughout the day. It is essential that you do not miss out on the consumption of a balanced beal while trying to achieve a calorie deficit.

Diet vs Exercise – Which Path Should I take?

A healthy meal plan for weight loss is a crucial aspect if you want to shed those calories. However, achieving a calorie deficit through diet alone can become a difficult task since it includes a lot of food restrictions. A healthy weight loss plan should ideally include some amount of exercise so that you can achieve your calorie deficit by burning some amount of calories too. Neither is mutually exclusive. Exercise can help you lose weight but should always back it up with a healthy diet, otherwise, you will feel weak, your muscles will not recover and even your immunity may take a beating. So you need to carefully chalk out a plan that includes both.

There is no single path to take if you plan on losing weight in a healthy manner. When you combine a conscious diet plan along with a weight loss workout plan you make it easier for yourself to lose weight quickly.

Tips for Achieving a Calorie Deficit

  • A long term plan to achieve and maintain a calorie deficit is making healthy food choices.  
  • Follow the 80 – 20 rule. Focus 80% of your weight loss plan through a meal plan for weight loss. Focus 20% of your weight loss plan through a weight loss workout plan.
  • You can try easy exercises to lose weight like jogging, walking and yoga. A daily routine of these exercises helps you get leaner and fitter in the long term.
  • If you do not find time to visit a gym, you can even create a weight loss exercise plan at home.
  • Remember to eat your meals at a fixed time and always control your portions of food.  
  • Avoid junk food and deep-fried food if you want to achieve a calorie deficit.  
  • Follow a sustainable diet plan that you may continue for years without hassle. Extreme short term plans can do more harm than good.

There are many diet fads or exercise regimes that promise rapid weight loss if you follow those plans. No quick fix diets or extreme exercise routines will help you lose weight in a healthy manner. In the diet vs. exercise debate, there is no clear winner since both these aspects are crucial if you want to lose weight. Weight loss is a gradual process and you should remain steadfast towards your aim.

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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