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PharmEasy Empowers Women
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When you are in your early 30s, with a neurosurgery in the past and a tumor that refuses to go; is it easy to lose motivation? Maybe yes, but this story is of a strong lady, Jailakshmi who refuses to let go, supports her family single handily while fighting her life-threatening disease! PharmEasy empowers women , and were successful in trying to take away some of the financial stress and be a support in her fight.

Jailakshmi’s story started out as a headache, and ended up as a serious neuro case. She faces the risks of impending self-growing tumor which refuses to go away. After going under the knife, with hope of a recovery, but having to battle with a relapse, and rising medical expenditure; life has been a living nightmare for our iron grit, Jailakshmi.

You don’t see such real-life fighters and survivors each day; self-earning young lady, supporting herself and her family, managing medical expenditures which run up to 20% of her monthly income.

PharmEasy believes in easing out the basic medical necessities. We help by providing medicines at better costs, at your doorstep. That doesn’t mean the whole fight is won! We helped ease out a few steps along the way, leaving more energy for Jailakshmi to deal with things that need more attention.

They say life isn’t easy. Maybe, it was never meant to be. But what needs to be a constant is the will to tide over the difficulties and not get bogged down by the uncertainties. Appreciate life for what it is, because that’s all there is!

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