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Customer Satisfaction Is Our Motto At PharmEasy!

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Motto At PharmEasy!
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I am Amit Singh, working in the Central warehouse operations team. My role at PharmEasy is to handle the inbound and the inventory part of the Warehouse. I have been a part of PharmEasy from the inception days (from the time we had the Pink customer app). It’s been 4 years 8 months now, yet it seems like yesterday I have joined the company.

I would like to talk about how we have grown in these years and how important customers are for us. The time I joined, we received 60-80 orders in a day and we would process these orders within 48 hours. Every single step was manual back then and we tracked these orders in the register.

Although we delivered orders, the customer experience was varying area to area because we had not expanded in the remaining parts yet, which increased the delivery time. So, we understood the issues our customers were facing and tried to resolve them as soon as possible.

After few months, to improve the first interaction of the customers, i.e. the confirmation of their orders, we started a CC team to have a great experience so that our front face Pharmacist (CC) team gives a satisfactory response while confirming the order. We started doing calls to understand the issues customers were still facing. We realized that we must improve the TAT, so we started working on the same to deliver the orders on time.

We started working on fillrates of the order and made it 95% bag fill and deliver orders within 24 hours to make it a universal experience. At all stages, we focused on improving customer service for customer retention. 

Ultimately, our plan is to work towards customer satisfaction and be a one-stop healthcare solution for all.

We have been trying and will always go beyond limits to get a smile on our customer’s face.

About the author

Amit Singh

My Name is Amit Singh and I hail from Nagpur, Maharashtra. I completed my Masters from Mumbai University post which I joined PharmEasy.
We are a family of 5, my dad is working with Coal India.Ltd., my mom is a homemaker. In my spare time, I love to play cricket, spend time with my family and watch movies/web series, etc.


  • Hello Amit , I had no other option left than reaching you in this case . I seek Help from you.
    I am a long term customer of PharmEasy having registered mobile number 9874445256 and my name is Mr Chandrajit Dalal residing at Kolkata.
    I don’t want to break the long tern relationship with Pharmeasy for the fault of a few immoral partners you have who are involved in this unethical malpractice.
    The entire case history is as below :

    1.On 6th June I ordered for Dr Trust Digital BP machine which was delivered to me on 7th June by delivery personnel Mr Prosenjit Bera ( .almost most of the time he only delivers in our area since last few years). order # : M19770705.

    On opening the packet I found the BP digital monitor and the cord are not compatible at all. Also , the BP monitor doesn’t have any sticker on its screen (as any brand new product having digital display does have such for prevention of scratches ) and it has several scratches ,marks and signs which reveals this product has already been used at least for a couple of months. Immediately , on SAME DAY, I called customer care and reported the entire problem and requested for return and the return was scheduled on 8th June.
    2. The same delivery personnel picked it from the same delivery location on 8th June. I showed him the marks, signs and incompatibility of device parts. He too agreed it was a used product and picked up the product after checking the device and the packet thoroughly.
    3. On 10th June morning I received a call from delivery personnel stating that ware-house is not accepting my return and he is coming to hand over the product to me once again. I asked him to wait and immediately called customer care to inform them of this matter. Customer care advised me not to accept this and my case would be followed with the ware-house. Accordingly I informed the delivery personnel not to come for the same.

    4. Post this incident I followed several times with Pharmeasy to get an update of the same. Seeing the matter is being delayed and customer care might not solve this issue so I requested a call back from any Team Lead from concerned department and accordingly I spoke to Ms Bhagyashree – whom I narrated the entire incident once again of such harassment and unethical business practice that their vendor/ware-house/franchise is doing. Also requested her a thorough inquiry from Pharmeasy’s corporate security department in order to bring out this sort of mal-practice else customers like me would lose the faith and trust. and circumstances will force customers to take the next step for grievance redress to an independent authority. I followed up with her on my case since last week but not any progress.

    5. Since 15th June , when I am trying to contact Ms Bhagyashree through a customer case via a call back service I am getting no response. Also Customer care has no new update on this case. Later On she connected with me but no new update on the case.
    It’s almost two and half weeks over – my grievance has no resolution. Also no refund has been initiated even though it has crossed the SLA long back as mentioned in Pharmeasy app.

    6. I plea to the authority of Pharmeasy to be cognizant of the facts I have stated in this grievance redressal portal and take all necessary actions on an immediate basis.

    • Hi Chandrajit,
      Thank you for raising the concern. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • I am a plus member. I ordered medicine under order no.M20463267 which was out for delivery by Shankar Shaw on 03/07/2020. On 02/07/2020 a message was sent that i have requested him to postpone my delivery. This is totally false. He wants to play trick with me. With such manning I do not want to continue your membership. Please refund my money and oblige


  • My name is shubham Mishra utter pradesh lucknow my order no.20766719 and 20767997 order date 12.07.2020 delivery date promise 13.07.2020 but till date not provided my order number’s of time costmor cear call but not satisfied answer

  • I ordered medicines for my wife -P Jyothi- and I cancelled the order so far I didn’t get the refund .Hence I request you to look inthe matter and refund the money.
    Dr P Srinivasa Reddy

    Patient: Mrs P Jyothi
    Order No: M20721034
    Order Cancelled
    Reason : Bought item from outside
    Delivery Address
    Mrs P Jyothi
    Flat no 101, Kamala Aurum ,Plot no 9 Huda Enclave
    Road No 70 Jubilee Hills Hyderabad
    Hyderabad – 500033

  • Order: M21107397
    This order was cancelled on 25/07/20 without a request for cancellation. Your delivery person has also not contacted me. If he has contacted me on 25/07/20, please send snapshot of the call list to my registered number.The same is now being refunded. I am not interested in a refund. Please arrange delivery immediately.

  • Hi Sir
    Order No M20502428
    This is what actually happens to me here you wrote please be patience we apology for the inconvenience caused on the other side I receive call from pharmeasy smart Intelligent executive she said to me, not said she blamed me that I did not given the item to the delivery boy. What the hell are you saying to me after wasting one month and this much delayed still you investigated that. And how can you proof that I did not give the item to a boy and where it is written that your delivery boy is saying truth and I have send you the call details just listen the every word or call recordings with open ear.your company executive also saying the do not give the pick up receipt to a customer so where is the proof to customer that what you picked up from customer,s home. Are pharmeasy sends Robot to pick up the order or the delivery boy cant say lie? do you have answer? and at the end only the customer is responsible for whatever happened.How many times I have told you and showed you and supported you even waited this how much time don’t you respect the customer? don’t you feel guilty to blame the customer without any proof?  This was the duty or responsibility of delivery boy to check what items he is picking and what should be picked up from the customer’s home. They should have the details of requested return items. These are the basic tips and shame on pharmeasy that a customer is telling to you.This was not customer fault that he picked all the requested item and it was his duty to check the items on that time and cancel the request and something found less value or item. after successfully picked up customer is not responsible for  further mishappening. This is all you know very well.
    After this much waited time you still fail to provide a customer refund. I’m not a fool that I’m arguing this much and giving you this much time. Its will be very shameful to you. Don’t know what customer policy you are following.I just want my refund back that’s it. you know all how much time you took in this matter.


  • I am not getting your mail id.Tried to contact Mumbai Nos.02262820690 , 02248913694 , but no response.This is related to Delivery of Exchange Glucometer of Ac cu-Chek Make at my residence. Thanks A lot for the same.. Your person has already handed over the new machine and collected the old packed machine from me today morning at around 12.40 Hrs.But there is a mistake happened while handing over.I handed over the old machine along with the leftover Test Strips , and the Lancing Device / Plunger used for Sample ( Softclik ).I was under the impression that in the new machine pack will be having Machine , Lancing Device / Plunger and the Test Strips.But We find that the new pack contains only the machine.Now I do not have the plunger and I am not able to test now.

    Kindly talk to Accu Chek , Ghatakpur and return the Plunger / or send a new one so that I can Start Testing.Also I understand that one pack ( 50 Strips ) was committed for delivery to me.

    Pl.look into and have a solution to this.

  • Returns query for OrderId: 20664445
    Subject: I have placed a return request 5 times but no one has come for pick-up

    Description: I have applied for the return of the medicine 5 times but each time the application has been rejected after 7 days. Ordinary medicine refund application is over. I have called customer care many times but nothing is working. Please help

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