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Celebrations At The Cost Of Shortened Life?

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Honouring the homecoming of a king, the people of his kingdom rejoiced and lit his path with oil lamps to guide him on his way. Thus began the tradition of Deepawali, a festival to decorate homes and public spaces with oil lamps and lights to mark the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

However, over the years we have converted it into a Festival of Crackers – releasing thousands of tonnes of toxic fumes and particles into the air, which we all breathe, with disastrous health consequences.

Founder & Managing Trustee of Lung Care Foundation, Dr Arvind Kumar, shares his key insights on why we need green and healthy Deepawali! Watch his take on celebrating Deepawali without damaging our lungs and environment …

We appeal to ALL to make a new beginning starting this Deepawali i.e. We SHALL celebrate all festivals with full zest BUT will always keep our health and environment our main focus. This Deepawali is the beginning of a new India … Focussed on Health and Environment sustainability.


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