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Busting The Myths On Allergies – By Sanofi India

Busting The Myths On Allergies - By Sanofi India - PharmEasy
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Myths and misperceptions about allergies are widespread. Don’t let this misinformation restrict you from finding the right solutions.

Here are the most commonly believed allergy myths and the reality of it.

1. Myth: Allergies are harmless

Fact: While some allergies may cause mild reactions, others may cause much more severe ones like acute respiratory problems or something life-threatening like anaphylaxis. If untreated, certain allergy types can affect your quality of life.  

2. Myth:  Allergy and cold are one and the same

Fact: Allergy can be far worse than cold. While a cold can only cause mild discomfort lasting a couple of days, allergies can be more severe. Itchy eyes are usually a symptom of allergies, while a cold could be accompanied by fever.


3. Myth: There’s a cure for every allergy 

Fact: Unfortunately, there’s no cure for allergies but with proper allergy management, anyone can lead a normal and active life by managing their allergies.

4. Myth: Moving to a different region can get rid of allergies

Fact: Although moving away can temporarily relieve you, the chances are less for you to be completely allergy-free. In fact, you may be prone to develop new allergies.

5. Myth: You cannot be allergic to natural food. 

Fact: Here’s an interesting allergy fact, some of the most allergic foods are natural and unprocessed food items such as milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, fish and shellfish.


6. Myth: Short-haired pets won’t give you pet allergies

Fact: A protein on the fur causes the allergy and not the fur itself. Brushing your pet’s hair can cause the pet dander to be airborne. Short-haired pets are only favoured because less hair means less dander but doesn’t eliminate the fact that you won’t get allergies at all.

7. Myth: You can’t get pet allergy if you don’t own a pet.

Fact: Animal allergens, especially cat & horse allergens can be carried on clothes & fibre. This can trigger reactions in people who do not own pets themselves but are still in danger to get affected by allergens by coming in contact with animals.

8. Myth: Flowers cause pollen allergy

Fact: People can be allergic to the natural scent of the flower and it’s not pollen. Trees, grass and weeds spread pollen allergy and not the flowers. This is because the pollen from flowers has less chance to be airborne as birds & bees help in pollination unlike the former.


9. Myth: You can’t get rid of house dust mites

Fact: Regular vacuuming and washing of carpets, linens, upholstery, mattresses can help you reduce dust mites which in turn can help limit your allergic reactions.

10. Myth: Allergies are hereditary

Fact: Although, there’s a slight chance your kids may get allergy because of you, it doesn’t mean they’ll definitely get it. There are a number of allergens present indoors and outdoors and one can easily develop allergies to any of those.

11. Myth: You can outgrow allergies.

Fact: Although there are some allergies that can be outgrown with time, many of them can persist for life.

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