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Are Online Doctor Consultations The Future Of Medical Practice?

Are Online Doctor Consultations The Future Of Medical Practice? - PharmEasy
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Are you considering seeking an online consultation with a doctor? As you may have noticed, online medical consultations (e-consultation) are a rage currently. If you are wondering if you too should be part of the bandwagon, then let us tell you, you won’t regret this decision.

It might seem new and daunting, but e-consultation comes with some unique benefits. Once you have grasped the simple technological know-how, you will find yourself always wanting to opt for it. This is especially handy during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on to know the benefits of online medical consultations –

1. No fear of contracting COVID-19

Even though the lockdown has been called off, we have still been urged to step out only if necessary. If we go out, we risk exposure to the virus. Medical consultations are a priority. But what if that too can be done from the safety of your home?

E-consultation keeps both the doctors and the patients protected from COVID-19. Even if the doctor or the patient is COVID-19 positive and doesn’t know it yet, there will be no possibility of them passing it on to other people in the clinic.

And besides, if you think you are showing the symptoms of COVID-19, you can simply seek an online consultation without having to come out of your self-imposed isolation.


2. No more waiting queues

Remember how tedious it is to wait for your turn? If you are feeling really unwell, being seated at the waiting room can make you feel even sicker. Waiting is also difficult for children and the elderly. But online consultation does away with the discomfort of travelling when sick, filling out forms and the endless wait at the reception.

All you have to do is book a consultation on your computer. You can do that when you are feeling better or get someone to do that for you. When your slot arrives, you will simply log in and start interacting with your doctor.

3. Easier to fit into our busy lives

 Slotting in a visit to the doctor in your schedule can be a nightmare given how busy we are. Whether it’s for yourself or someone in your family, commuting to and from the clinic can take away a large chunk of your day. And being the busybodies that we are, it’s almost impossible to carve out time for anything but work and a bit of relaxation. 

Besides, we are tired after a long hard day at work. It is so much hassle-free to simply opt for online consultation from the comfort of your home. You just have to be available for the time slot allotted to you.

4. Save money

Online medical consultation is cost-effective in two ways.

Firstly, many medical platforms such as PharmEasy offer free-of-cost doctor consultations through programmes like PharmEasy Plus. So you get sound and helpful medical advice from the best doctors without having to pay exorbitant fees like you have to for traditional consultation.

No matter where you live, how far away you are from the cities where these doctors practice medicine, you can still consult with them regardless of your location.

Secondly, you can save the money that would otherwise have gone into paying for your commute to the doctor’s clinic.

5. Zero awkwardness

If your consultation is at the Out-Patient Department of a hospital or a clinic, things can get a little awkward especially, if you need to talk about sexual health problems. These places don’t always offer complete privacy.

But online medical consultations provide absolute privacy. It’s only you and your doctor here.


Things to remember when opting for an E-consultation

To make the most of online medical consultations, follow these tips –

  • Only opt for certified e-consultation platforms.
  • Look for the doctor’s licence number on the website.
  • Do not be late for consultation.
  • Make sure you have excellent internet connectivity.
  • Keep your medical history in hand.
  • Prepare what you have to say beforehand so that you don’t miss anything.
  • Inform the doctor of any medicines you may be taking.
  • Ask precise questions such as what is wrong with your health or what should you do?
  • Note down the doctor’s instructions.
  • Make sure that the doctor signs the prescription before it is emailed to you.

Online medical consultation is suitable for our 21st-century lives. The technology aims to make our lives more convenient. So why not embrace online consultations? They are the future and the perfect tool to make medical consultations simple and convenient too!

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