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7 Causes of High Cholesterol That You Should Know!

What Causes high cholesterol
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Cholesterol is necessary for good health but high blood cholesterol can increase your risk for heart disease. The body uses cholesterol to produce many hormones and bile acids, which help in the process of digestion.

Cholesterol is a wax-like substance. Hence, when there is too much of it in your body, it builds up in the walls of your arteries. This might hamper the reach of oxygen to your heart as the carrier blood doesn’t function efficiently. Thus, resulting in chest pains and heart-related problems. High blood cholesterol has been one of the primary causes of Coronary Heart Disease and may necessitate a bypass surgery (Read about Bypass Surgery: Purpose and Procedure )

Every once in 5 years, people aged 20 and older should have their cholesterol measured. It is recommended to take up a blood test called a lipoprotein profile.

So when it comes to Cholesterol, there is the good and the bad one. The bad one called Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is the bad one. The one which we popularly refer to as High cholesterol.

7 Causes of High Blood Cholesterol

1. Unhealthy Diet: Saturated fat and cholesterol in the food you eat makes your blood cholesterol level go up. 

2. Overweight: The extra flab in your body is an indication of possible heart disease in the future. Being overweight tends to increase the cholesterol levels in the body.

3. Lack of sufficient physical activity: You should try to exercise or keep the body active for 30 minutes every day.

4. Age: This is an involuntary factor, as in some cases irrespective of age, gender, there might be a Cholesterol.

5. Hereditary: Well, if it runs in the family, don’t be surprised if you suffer from it as well.

6. Alcohol: If you are already suffering from high cholesterol, then alcohol does not help at all. Drinking too much can damage the liver and heart muscle and cause high blood pressure.

7. Mental Stress: There is a popular saying “I eat when I am stressed”, a lot of studies back this statement as it is proved that people stress eat fatty food and this has a long-term effect leading to high cholesterol. Read more on different relaxation techniques that can help with distressing.


The only way to treat high blood cholesterol is by completely changing your lifestyle. Following a healthy diet can help you monitor calorie intake and also keep a tab on weight gain. Also, being physically active is also very important.

If you opt for medical treatment, the statin medicines are very effective in lowering LDL levels and are safe for most people. However, remember, nothing will be effective until you bring a change in your lifestyle.

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