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6 Ways The World Will Change Post COVID-19!

6 Ways The World Will Change Post COVID-19! - PharmEasy
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The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down in so many ways. From lockdowns, social distancing to working from home, our daily routines have been completely overhauled.

Now people are beginning to ask an important question – are these changes temporary? Or will they be a permanent part of our lives from now onwards?

Why our lives may not be the same again

We have read news reports of healthcare workers working 24*7 to battle COVID-19 at great risk to their lives. Some of them are staying in temporary hostels, away from their families and doing their job.

 But can they continue to work in a state of high alert forever? That too, while putting themselves in danger. The stress due to COVID-19 on our healthcare system needs to come down.

Moreover, consider the present situation in the world, the summer Olympics, IPL, major trade conventions to India’s economy – everything has come to a halt due to COVID-19. While no one can say for certain when things will go back to normal, or if they even will, one thing is certain.

Our lives after the lockdown will no longer be the same. There will be radical changes in how we work, commute, socialize and communicate.

This is a must to ensure COVID-19 is contained for our own good.

Life after lockdown

  1. Embrace contactless greetings

Planning to shake hands? Think again. Immediately after COVID-19 struck, there were visuals of world leaders ditching the handshake and using the ‘Namaste’ greeting. The Namaste is a form of greeting used in India that does not involve contact with the other person, unlike a handshake.

With social distancing being encouraged, we will see more and more people ditching the handshake because of the risk a handshake carries in a post-COVID-19 world.

  1. Changing the way we learn

With schools and colleges being shut, there is a lot of interest around online classes. Teachers across the world are using the power of the internet to deliver educational content to a student’s house.

Real-time online classes are being held on apps like Zoom that have ensured that the absence of a physical classroom does not stop the learning of students. This could signal a change in the way students learn in a school after the pandemic ends.


  1. Frequent washing of hands

Are you washing your hands frequently? One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is to maintain very high standards of personal hygiene. People are now understanding how simple acts like washing hands with soap and water may save their lives.

Before the pandemic started, many of us treated hand washing very casually, but that has changed completely in the past few months. And this change is something that is going to stay for a long time to come.

  1. No more public spitting

In India, it is common to see spit stains on government buildings, railway stations and roads. While the government tried to spread awareness by putting up posters and even imposing fines, no one cared.

But now that everyone has to wear masks in public places and maintain personal hygiene, spitting could be a thing of the past.

  1. Better air quality

Three to four weeks into the lockdown, environmentalists across the world noticed something strange – the ozone layer was healing itself. Not just that, air quality in cities like Delhi and Mumbai has improved drastically during the lockdown.

What this tells us is that nature can heal quickly if we give it a little space and time. This will put into perspective how we have taken nature for a ride all these years and encourage people to do more for the environment and enjoy the advantages of a greener earth.


  1. Be more grateful

 The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us closer than ever before. Everyone is united in efforts to contain the virus. We have realized that if we don’t prepare ourselves well, then we can lose what we have now.

This thought that we may lose it if we are not careful has made us more appreciative of the present and thankful for what we have.


While we may be in lockdown at present, we should prepare ourselves mentally for the changes going to take place post-COVID-19. This will help us adapt and emerge as stronger individuals.  

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