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6 Tips To Never Wake Up Late Again!

6 Tips To Never Wake Up Late Again! - PharmEasy
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Are you a morning person? If the answer is no then waking up early in the morning is a torment or a near impossibility for you. And if you’ve been working extra hard recently and have been deprived of sleep, a war will rage between your body trying to make up for the sleep deficit and your brain reminding you that you need to rise and shine.

If you are wondering how to wake up on time, then we can suggest a few tips and tricks-

  1.  Alarm clock trick

Next time you have to start work early or rush to the railway station or airport then set your alarm clock half an hour ahead of the time you need to clamber out of bed. This way, even if you hit the snooze button a couple of times, you would still be up in time to wash up, eat and head out.

  1.  Start practising right away

Suppose you usually wake up at 8 AM and your goal is 6.30 AM. Tonight you should time the alarm to go off 15 minutes before 8 AM and let your body get used to waking up slightly earlier than usual for a couple of days before you set your alarm for 7.30. Ease yourself into waking up early based on your body’s response and finally in about 15 days, you will be able to get up at 6.30 AM without a struggle.

  1.  Enroll in a morning activity group

Is there a better way to motivate yourself to wake up on time than looking forward to a fun activity? There are plenty of walking, running, cycling, Zumba clubs that start operations early in the morning. You can enroll in one. Once you understand and appreciate the importance of exercise first thing in the morning, and get the hang of it, your body will become so reliant on exercise that it will shrug off sleep and you will wake up alert and expectant.


  1.  Let peer pressure do the trick

Ask your loved ones (people in your family or your friends) to take up the challenge of waking up on time. Now that you know it’s a competition it will naturally propel you to achieve your goal. Then there is the matter of accountability – if you promise someone that you will wake up early and yet don’t deliver on your promise you would let them down. 

  1.  Get a good night’s sleep

Do you wake up frequently at night? Restless insufficient sleep leaves you feeling inadequately rested and desperate for more sleep when you wake up. When your sleep quality is uncompromised, you can wake up just when you want to. The simple solution to that is getting quality sleep. And for that, you have to honour your circadian rhythm which requires you to go to bed early to wake up early. 

Do some meditation or stretching exercises before you hit the sack. Drink some warm milk as that facilitates sleep.


  1.   Let some light in

Just like you need the comfort of darkness to fall asleep, light signals to your body that it’s time to wake up (it’s all rooted in your circadian clock). So, before you go to bed, draw aside the curtains to make sure that as soon as the sun rises, its light streams into your room. This trick always works in helping you wake up early.

Waking up on time is not an unconquerable challenge if you follow the tips we have mentioned. Being late will soon be a thing of the past.

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