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5 Simple Tips To Choose The Right Blood Glucose Meter

By Dr. Nikita Toshi +2 more

Managing type 2 diabetes is closely linked to choosing the right blood glucose meter for monitoring glucose levels.    

If you have type 2 diabetes or know someone close to you who has this condition, the doctor may have recommended you (or them) to invest in a good blood glucose meter to monitor your blood sugar level.  

For diabetes patients, managing their lifestyle is important because even the slightest of changes can cause a spike or decline in sugar, causing severe complications if not diagnosed well in time. 

So, to know how to control type 2 diabetes, you have to know how to buy the right blood glucose meter to monitor and manage type 2 diabetes.  

Why Do You Need a Good Blood Glucose Meter?

Investing in the right blood glucose meter is helpful for various reasons.

  • Although a lab test is the most accurate measure for detecting glucose levels, it is not feasible to go for a lab test regularly. So, the right blood glucose meter is often recommended by your doctor so that you can get close to the actual reading of your body’s blood sugar level regularly.  
  • You might be experiencing stress, not getting enough sleep, eating out for a while, or doing anything else that you don’t do often. Such activities can affect your blood sugar level. To know that you are still in the safe blood sugar level range, you need to monitor your sugar with a glucose meter.  
  • Maintaining a record of blood sugar levels is vital for knowing how to control type 2 diabetes. This will help your doctor treat you better because they know what triggers your sugar level by following the regular glucose meter readings.

Tips to Consider Before Buying a Blood Glucose Meter

To educate yourself on how to control type 2 diabetes, you first have to know about buying the right blood glucose meter.  

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind while purchasing a monitoring meter to choose the best blood glucose meter to manage type 2 diabetes:

1. Check how easy it is for you to use this meter

People with type 2 diabetes have to know how to use a blood glucose meter for monitoring their daily glucose level. If the person is not comfortable using the meter or does not know how to use it by themselves, the blood glucose meter may not be the right choice for them.  

User error (not taking the blood sample properly) is a major reason why readings don’t turn out to be accurate. So, choosing a user-friendly blood glucose meter is important.  

2. Make sure the test strips are readily available

Test strips have to be bought separately and used every time to take the blood sugar reading with a meter. Although third-party test strips are available at many medical stores, you must check if they are compatible with the monitoring meter.  

3. Does the size suit your needs?

A glucose meter won’t do any good if you can’t carry it easily or read from it comfortably. Meters come in many different sizes for people with different needs. 

If the patient has weak eyesight, they may purchase a bigger meter that shows the readings clearly and won’t stress out the eyes. Whereas, for someone who travels a lot, buying a big meter can be difficult to take everywhere. Such people should always go for a smaller meter.

4. What are the additional features?

A wide variety of blood glucose meters are available in the market. Some come with a background light that makes it easier to read even in low lighting, some have an audio option, and some can even store data for past readings, which makes it easier to maintain a record. Choose the meter which has additional features that suit your requirements best.

5. Get the meter approved by your doctor before purchasing

It is a good idea to check with the person who knows best how to control type 2 diabetes – your doctor. They may have a different opinion than yours because of their vast experience and certified knowledge about type 2 diabetes and your condition. So, get your doctor’s green light before you buy the meter.  


By following these tips, you can better educate yourself to control type 2 diabetes by regularly monitoring your blood sugar levels. Keep these suggestions in mind when you purchase a blood glucose meter.  


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