12 Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms To Watch Out For!

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The human body is like a machine. How it works as efficiently is because of harmonious networking between various organs. These signals or messages are passed through chemical components, hormones. Many biological processes find their motivation to carry on because of the instructions that hormones bring.

There are many reasons why hormonal imbalances occur. They could be due to genetic, medical or environmental factors. Certain diseases, stress, eating disorders, or a particular diet could trigger them. While there are some fluctuations in hormonal levels accounted for, especially in the case of women, but swerving too far from the usual can be a cause for concern. Here are 12 signs of hormonal imbalance.

  1. Weight Gain

This is the most apparent sign of hormonal imbalance. Weight gain due to hormonal imbalance occurs over a short period and can reach an appalling number.  Most of it is gained on the thighs, waist, and hips. If you have been subject to increased weight without an apparent cause, please consult your doctor and get the necessary tests done.

  1. Fatigue

People suffering from hormonal imbalance feel tired all the time. They cannot explain their fatigue but have low energy levels.

  1. Acne

Your face is the first place that becomes a canvas of hormonal imbalances. The skin breaks into zits frequently and topical treatments do not show much improvement. Read more on home remedies for acne.

  1. Thinning Hair

Those who have hormonal imbalances notice their hair thinning. People with a thick mane and a headful of hair can suddenly, notice scalp peeking through.

  1. Increased Facial Hair

This sign of hormonal imbalance is common in women. Extra facial hair begins to sprout on the chin, cheeks and neck. An increase in facial hair is a dead giveaway of hormonal problems.

  1. Mood Swings

Due to fluctuating hormones, the moods take a beating. The person may feel upbeat and then might feel down in the dumps soon after.

  1. Hair Loss

This sign of hormonal imbalance is common in men. They start losing hair from the temples. The problem then exacerbates until they are left with no hair or very less of it.

  1. Fat Gain in Chest

This is again observed in men. Those males who suffer from hormonal imbalance develop female-like characteristics like male-breasts and larger hips.

  1. Muscle Loss

Those who have hormonal problems lose muscle mass in their bodies.

  1. Infertility

One of the prime casualties of hormonal imbalance is infertility. The reproductive system is susceptible to hormonal health. The fluctuating hormonal levels can lead to low sperm health, no ovulation or stop fertilization from happening.

  1. Insomnia

It might not just be the upcoming appraisal that is giving you sleepless nights. Hormonal imbalances have a way of eating into your sleep. So next time you go through the night without catching a wink, head to the doctor for a hormonal test and not for sleeping pills. Read more on how to deal with insomnia.

  1. Depression

One of the worst results of hormonal imbalances is depression and anxiety. Feelings of listlessness and constant worries only spoil the already precarious hormonal equation. Talk to your health professional for treatment. Read more on mental & physical signs of depression.

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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