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The Nutrition Story Of Sanjeev Kapoor: The Master Of Cooking

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There is no introduction needed for Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular names in the Indian household.

Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the most celebrated Indian Chefs who has authored multiple popular cookbooks. He has served as the host to one of the most popular food shows – Khaana Khazana. Being a celebrity judge on MasterChef India and co-owner of an HD channel by the name of FoodFood, Sanjeev Kapoor is quite the sensation.

He is one among the few who have succeeded in romanticising food and has given every housewife in India access to a variety of delectable cuisines, both Indian and continental. He also has his own brand of houseware and kitchenware items which have gained popularity across India in recent times.

Sanjeev Kapoor promotes healthy eating and has also written countless blogs and articles on this topic. Real Nutrition holds a prominent place in all of his food blogs and books.

Read on what Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has to say about real nutrition and its importance in our lives.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

A healthy lifestyle starts with conscious eating habits. While there are so many delectable options available today, it’s rudiment to make an educated choice about what is good for the body rather than the taste buds. There are so many articles and books available which advocate healthy eating and nutrition. However, few pay heed to it and try to learn.

“We just wake up when the calamity hits us”

Like a smoker might consider giving up the habit if diagnosed with Asthma, most people do not understand the gravity of their lifestyles unless faced with a bad situation.

Healthy Cooking Tips for Housewives- Lowest Common Denominator Kitchen Scenario

A homemaker often goes through the pressure of cooking for a family with diverse nutritional requirements and limitations. This can be really tricky especially when there are different diet restrictions that are to be taken into account. For such people, it is advisable to evaluate all the diet constraints of family members.

If the restrictions are generic like avoiding too much salt or too much sugar, the best option would be to cook a less flavoured batch and give each member the option of adding extra salt, sugar or spice as per their diet recommendation. Alternatively, a small portion can be separated from the pot before adding the spices or salt.

“We make healthy cooking difficult in our mind. It is definitely simpler than that.”

There is no diet plan that can’t be managed and it’s always possible to find a midway for dealing with diet restriction. One must believe that it’s manageable, which makes it easier to execute in the kitchen. This practice eventually becomes a habit for the entire household.

Real Nutrition V/S Popular Nutrition

Everyone requires real nutrition to stay healthy, especially people with cardiovascular ailments or high blood pressure. While it is tempting to go by brand names and hearsay, popular nutrition will just do more harm than good. There is no hard and fast universal rule for what works in terms of health. Also, most of these rules are well known by everyone today.

Following are some tips on adding better nutrition to everyday meals:

  • Eat plenty of fibrous fruits and green vegetables, preferably five servings, making up most of your intake.
  • Avoid oily and spicy foods
  • Include more seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables and curtail processed or canned foods.
  • Take time to read the labels and understand the ingredients that go into the making of any processed food- if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it. Spending time knowing real nutrition by researching the food you consume is worth the effort.
  • Eat just enough to appease your nutritional needs and hunger. Don’t give in to cravings or overeat.

It’s recommended not to try every popular fad diet regime out there. Don’t fall for popular nutrition; follow the real nutritional regime to stay healthy.

“Just because some diet worked for someone doesn’t mean it will work for you.”

Three Easy and Healthy Recipes for Everyday Meals

Ensuring to consume a balanced and wholesome meal is the first step towards eating healthy. Following are the top three recipes from Sanjeev’ must haves:

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice – Drink fresh juices of carrot, apple, and beetroot made from a slow juicer.
  • Dal and Vegetable Soup – Before dinner, eat soups made of seasonal vegetables and dal for a regular dose of protein in the diet.
  • Stay hydrated – Make Sure to drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day. This is easy since there is no recipe for hydration.


Real nutrition is the key aspect to manage your health and stay fit. No two individuals are the same and there is no single diet plan which would work for everyone. However, by following a healthy and intuitive eating regime, one can manage any ailment and stay fit.

Bodies are Resilient. It is extremely important to listen to what the body tries to signal as it’s your best judge. In the long run, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor hopes for a faster rate of change at which people turn the leaf over to a healthier lifestyle.

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